7 Ways to Write Killer Blog Headlines

Content marketing is about your message. If you are churning our great content, your visitors will thank you by sharing it on social media, emailing it and even subscribing to your blog. Offering great content is the cornerstone of a working content strategy. However, you can write great content and still not get the social boost that you are hoping for. You check your website stats, meager numbers. The bounce rate is high and no one is sharing your content. Why is this? It could be your blog headlines.

The art of creating powerful blog headlines that evoke emotions and make readers want to take action can be learned. By looking at the works of successful content marketers and print publishers, you will find some common trends that you can use to form the base of your headlines.

Below are 7 killer blog headlines ideas that will get your readers to consume your content.

Invoke attention with numbers and stories

People like evidence on various subjects. If your are taking about how specific software saved a company hundreds of hours, back up your claim with data. If your customers are going to save a certain amount of dollars by using your solution, have the data to back your claims.

Example: Gangnam Style Rakes $7.9 Million.

Pose a provocative question

Ask your readers a clever question that involves them. The question should touch on both their problem and your solution and should make them want to know more of what you have to say.

Example: Is 2013 the Right Year to Buy A House? Read Inside Report

State the big benefit

One of the ways to get your blog posts read is to promise a benefit on the title. If you target the right audience, the benefits title can improve your conversions. Moreover, your audience will know what to expect even if they do not read your blog body.

Example:Today Only: $20 Off Our WordPress Plugin

Relate to a celebrity

Incorporate a celebrity that your target audience is familiar with in your title. Your content should indicate the lessons or relation of the celebrity to your topic.

Example: What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Customers

Address a target market

Name your target market so that readers definitively know that the article is relevant to them. If your blog covers a myriad of subjects, you might use this headline for a specific market segment.

Example: Marketing Managers: 3 Ways to Reduce Your Marketing Cost

Keep it simple and direct

The direct headline is not coated with hidden benefits and does not try to be clever. Instead, it gets direct to the point. This type of headline works best for brands that are well-recognized or offers with which the reader is familiar.

Example: FREE Shipping during the Holidays on Zappos

Offer “how-to” knowledge

The how-to headline appeals because people are always looking for ways to do things. Regardless of the niche you are in, there is something that you can teach your market and they will appreciate. However, make sure your title states the benefit rather than the process of what you are writing about.

Example: How to Improve Productivity with this App.

Following the rule of 80/20, about 8 out of 10 people will read the headline but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of the content. With the title getting the majority of views, it should be compelling enough to make visitors want to read the entire piece. If visitors do not get the gist in your blog headlines, forget about them reading the rest of the copy.

Ryan Wilson
Founder & CEO
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