What Can Your Business Learn from the Million Dollar Restoration of the Million Dollar Highway?

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US 550 Reopens

Months after a rockslide demolished highway US 550 outside of Silverton, Colorado, the Department of Transportation has fully reopened the road, reviving the so-called Million Dollar Highway and the prospects of summer tourism for the towns it serves. The reopening of US 550 is significant to us at FiveFifty not only because the road is our namesake but also because the trials it has undergone over the last few months add to its legacy in ways that contribute meaningfully to the parallel we’ve drawn between it and the world of digital marketing.

US 550 was originally cut through the mountains to serve the gold and silver mining towns that were producing wealth in the late 1800s. A dangerous road with no shortage of hairpin turns and steep drop-offs, 550 was and continues to be a tricky highway to maneuver. Its risks were well worth the payoffs for the 19th century’s miners that needed a gateway to connect them to their customers. Without the highway, the daunting task of transporting the products of their mines to the cities where they could be sold would have been more costly.

Like the 550 highway, FiveFifty creates a gateway between businesses and their customers. Our methods, from digital media buying to search engine optimization, create a smooth, predictable path through the web’s twisted terrain.

Yet, like the rockslide that destroyed a section of our namesake road, there are occasionally unexpected changes to the landscape of digital marketing that are difficult or impossible to foresee. Some, like the emergence of powerful new tactics and platforms or changes to Google’s ranking algorithms, can have dramatic effects on internet marketing campaigns and sometimes require significant time and effort to overcome.

Therein lies the value of working with a digital marketing firm like FiveFifty; our clients don’t need to face these trials on their own. Our expertise and dedication to achieving results drives us to find solutions to the obstacles that can rise up to block the way. Through constant observance and ongoing optimization, we help mitigate these risks and ensure the path to digital marketing campaign results remains wide open.

Read more about US 550’s reopening at the Durango Herald.


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