Choosing Tenure or the New Guy

When looking for the agency that is right for you, you may be torn between choosing an agency with years of experience or a new one that boasts fresh thinking.

An agency that’s been around for 30 years has a lot to offer. Tenured agencies can leverage their deep experience to sift through the newest trends and tactics to identify those that will be impactful for their clients from those that are just the shiny object of the moment. This experience can save time, money, and sweat from trying out every recent fad. In the worst version, that experience can be a deterrent. Believing that they already know what the best media mix, or tactic, or channel, etc. is and being unwilling to test or experiment could mean that their clients are left behind as audiences change the way they consume media and new important platforms come into existence.

On the flip side, what about the newest kids on the block? They don’t have 30 years of experience or a distinguished reputation to uphold, so they’re not afraid to take risks and throw out the playbook. In the best version of themselves they create new standards and above-average results by thinking outside of the box. They help their clients attract different audiences that are using new media and engaging with brands in fresh ways. In the worst version of themselves, however, they can project their media consumption bias to a general population whose habits are not consistent with theirs. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘When you are a hammer everything looks like a nail’? Different isn’t always better if it ignores what has worked historically.

Us? We find ourselves comfortably occupying the space in the middle. You might describe us as having a “sweet spot specialization.” As early adopters of programmatic media, we learned the power of bringing fresh thinking to brands. We now have a proven track record and expertise. In the course of earning those stripes, we have learned a few things along the way. We know that it’s not all about programmatic, and it’s not always about digital. What has worked for us though is focusing on measurement, transparency, and openness to new ideas. We pride ourselves on bringing fresh thinking to the table. New ideas? You betcha. Because we have been open to trying new things, we actually “get” these newer technologies and tactics. We can easily adopt new platforms into our media mix and quickly identify if they are adding value.

We use our breadth of knowledge and experience as we welcome new technologies, platforms, and practices into our planning. We embrace a culture of learning here at FiveFifty. We’re a group of rolling stones, achievers, and big thinkers; constantly pushing forward, staying sharp, and improving ourselves (and, in turn, our offerings) along the way.

You want an agency with experience but not ego. You want an agency with a proven record but something to prove. You want an agency with a pulse on current trends, an eagerness towards testing and learning, and a process that is agile & geared towards continued success. If you read that and pictured yourself, well, put simply – we’re on the same page.