Nice to meet you, partner.

Want to build a great partnership? Work with great people. Marketing is never a “set it and forget it” experience for us. FiveFifty respects the investments that our clients make and the faith they place in us. It is a privilege to be trusted to advance your causes, grow your businesses, and push the ball forward on your behalf.

Ryan Wilson

Founder & CEO/Printer Mechanic

Ryan has his hands in a bit of everything, but he mostly focuses on client success and the technical aspects of advertising. Ryan likes 90’s hip hop, heli-skiing, and spending time with his family.

Josh Pauletic

Account Director/Analytics Guru

Josh leads the Account team and analytics platform management. Josh also enjoys hanging out with his wife, working miracles in the garden, and restoring his gorgeous, historic home.

Dan Bombard

Trading Director/Spotify DJ

Dan leads the Trading team at FiveFifty, managing all of our implementations and optimizations. He’s also a dad, husband, musician, and 2015-2016 Beer League Ice Hockey Season Champion.

Erin Cole

Senior Media Director/Master Planner

Erin builds strategic advertising plans to help clients surpass performance goals. She’s a proud mom, wife, and community leader active with several philanthropic organizations in Colorado.

Caroline Lambert

Media Trader/Process Enthusiast

Caroline is our programmatic and social media trader. She’s also a project management and Clemson football expert. She loves her daughter, husband, and dog, as well as Italian wines and brutal workouts.

Lee White

Media Trader/Snack Czar

Lee manages our paid search campaigns, including keyword research, ongoing optimizations, and more. Outside of work, Lee is a BBQ connoisseur and eBay enthusiast. He also loves skiing with his friends and family.

Allyson Schulte

Account Manager/14er Bagger

Allyson works closely with clients to ensure that our efforts align with their specific goals. She also really likes to hike. Last year, Allyson’s stats included 83 hikes, 562 miles, and twelve 14ers.

Cooper Anderson

Account Coordinator/Safety Sheriff

Cooper helps the Account team deliver everything our clients need to be successful. Offline, Cooper is more than just a foodie. They’re a talented chef with professional kitchen experience.

Anthony Pappalardo III

SEO Manager/Black Belt

Anthony leads the SEO team, helping clients dominate the organic search results that matter most for their businesses. Anthony loves backcountry camping, wolves, and keyword strategies.

Emily Gucwa

Account Coordinator/Influencer

Emily advocates for our clients as a part of the Account team. She’s also behind our social profiles. Emily adores everything health and wellness, especially yoga and easier hikes than what Allyson does.

Khalil Romain

SEO Consultant/Wordsmith

Khalil supports the SEO team with branding, copywriting, and website design expertise. After years of ranting about the pizza in Colorado, he now splits his time between Denver and New York City.