What’s Social Responsibility Good For?

We love our jobs. It’s a genuine privilege to like what you do, and we never take that for granted. But we’re more than our job titles. Not to get sappy, but we are real people and care about more than just marketing. At FiveFifty, social responsibility means recognizing that the best version of our ourselves isn’t simply the most profitable or the lowest cost operation. It’s a team wherein every single person that chooses to work here feels empowered to be their best self on the individual level.

It’s not rocket science. When folks are happier, they produce better results. Do you want to see the surgeon who is at the end of her 30 hour shift for your surgery? Us either. For many of us, being happy is tied closely to being a good person and having some purpose in our lives. That, in turn, means doing good things. Simple, really.

An employee volunteers weekly in his high-need immigrant community, helping a local attorney fight domestic abuse. Another is a local leader in the movement to make outdoor recreation more accessible to underserved populations. We’ve fed the families of the Ronald McDonald House, who humbled us with their vulnerability, candor, and positivity. We staffed a full day of playful events for participants and families with the Special Olympics. Our team fundraises, donates, and volunteers regularly. So…what? What does any of that actually mean for clients?

Let’s be real. We hope nobody ever turns their nose up at the concept of service. However, we also understand that we’re here to help you make money. We believe that when we indulge our instinct to serve our community, it strengthens the same muscles and reflexes we depend on to serve our clients.

Crazy as it sounds…all of this volunteering can help do just that. Paying more than just lip-service into the causes we care about is the kind of habit that helps produce engaged teammates who are more likely to exhibit cooperative behaviors toward coworkers and clients while becoming more committed to the agency. It makes it easy to choose to stick around for a nice, long time when you feel supported in your passions. If we don’t have to worry about disrupting your service due to employee burn out, we can spend more time elevating your campaign’s performance from “great” to “amazing” as our team brings real empathy and belief in their ability to create change to your account.

After all, we’re not robots. We’re parents, spouses, siblings, sons, daughters, friends, etc. We prefer to work on teams and in partnerships that celebrate us for being the sum of all those parts. It’s a good thing to care about others and work hard for the social issues that matter to us. Consider it just another expression of the investment and passion we bring to the work that keeps our lights on, too.