Small Business Tips on Increasing Website Engagement

Driving traffic to your website can be a tough chore. Having spent your time optimizing your website for high search engine rankings, how do you achieve website engagement to ensure visitors stay longer and check out your hard work?

Below are a few tips that can make visitors stay longer on your site, get the content they want and have a more engaged experience overall.

Create Quality Content 

Quality content is the cornerstone of any great website. Does your content stand out from your competition? Do you produce content that is informative, educative and that digs right at the problems of your target market? If your content is boring, good luck getting prospects to stay on your website.

Creating quality content is not difficult if you follow a clear plan. Identify your market, the challenges they are facing and the topics that you will cover. You can get ideas on the content to create from your competitors’ blogs, questions asked by prospects on social media and through keyword research.

Publishing quality content on a regular basis will drive traffic and generate more targeted leads.

Use Social Media 

If you have not integrated social media sharing capabilities on your website, do it today. By now, you should know the traffic possibilities of social media. If you produce good content, visitors will be compelled to share it…enable them!

Integrate social media sharing buttons on the content that you would like shared. If you are using WordPress, you can experiment with free plugins such as WP Socializer, Slick Social Share and others.

Interlink Your Content and Display Related Posts 

Interlinking your content helps visitors to discover new articles and spend more time on your website. Apart from this, it also helps in SEO. Interlinking related articles and pointing users to helpful content on your site helps to increase engagement.

You can put links to related articles inside your articles or display related posts on the sidebar. Major content websites like CNN, Yahoo and Forbes put links to related posts halfway through their articles. Unless you are just starting your blog, there is always room for linking to related posts.

Improve Your Website’s Load Speed 

Believe it or not, slow load speed is one of the reasons why visitors do not stay longer on your website. Online visitors are impatient and will not wait for your website to load given there are many other websites they can get the information they need.

Optimize your website to load faster and, and thus improve user engagement. Avoid using Flash elements, heavy images and JavaScript unless they are really necessary. You might want to check on your website cache options or consider delivering your content through content delivery networks.

Survey Your Visitors 

The best way to make your website more engaging is to ask prospects what they want. Check your analytics data to find out the types of posts that generate more engagement i.e. shares on social media, comments, etc. These content are those that you should concentrate on.

However, what happens if the most engaging content is not in line with your business’ objectives? Simply ask your visitors what they want.

Surveying your visitors can help you craft a content marketing strategy that generate more qualified leads and improve conversions. You can use a tool like KISSInsights to find out what your users want and align your content to address both their needs and your business’ goals.

Before you implement any of the above tips, focus on creating compelling content. Crafting content focused on the needs of your visitors is the cornerstone of improving engagement.

Ryan Wilson
Founder & CEO
Ryan has his hands in a bit of everything, but he mostly focuses on client success and the technical aspects of advertising. Ryan likes 90’s hip hop, heli-skiing, and spending time with his family.