Technical SEO Services

Build Your Digital Marketing Around a Strong Foundation

Looking to improve your user experience while boosting your rankings on search engines like Google? We can help. Our team isn’t afraid to dive into the more nerdy side of SEO (actually you could say we look forward to it) to help you build a solid foundation for the rest of your digital marketing campaign. It might not be the most glamorous work, but our Denver technical SEO experts are prepared to get down and dirty to help you build a site that your customers AND Google will love. Interested in seeing how our technical SEO services work? Let’s chat.

Want a Free Technical SEO Audit?

Seriously, we mean it. Our Denver technical SEO company just wants to help you understand how healthy your website is, even if you don’t end up hiring us. Just give us a few quick details and our technical SEO consultants will send you a snapshot of how your website is performing.

    Websites Drive Sales

    Mind if we show you some statistics that we think highlights the value of technical SEO:

    70% of all website traffic goes through Google.

    According to a Google study, 67% of mobile users say that when they visit a mobile-friendly site, they’re more likely to buy a site’s product or service 



    A better user experience can increase conversion rates by over 200%.



    Websites that load slower than 5 seconds have a 90% higher bounce rate than a site that loads faster than 1 second. 

    38% of people will stop interacting with a poorly designed site.

    Still with us? Ok, so here’s the point: your website is an incredibly powerful tool in converting traffic into customers. Ensuring your site not only looks and functions well but is also indexable and compliant with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines is essential to competing with your competitors.

    A Denver Technical SEO Agency Built Around People

    At FiveFifty, we are not ashamed to say that our technical SEO consultants have been known to get their “nerd” on from time to time. In fact, we actively encourage it. After all, it takes a team of passionate individuals who can check their egos at the door, but still have the knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to deliver technical SEO services that have a meaningful impact on your business.

    What is Technical SEO?

    Would a refresher help? No worries, we’re happy to oblige. Technical SEO is all about creating a fantastic user experience and making it easy for Google to understand your website. Essentially our Denver technical SEO experts are optimizing your website’s infrastructure to be better crawled, indexed, and compliant with Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Don’t worry it’s less complicated than it sounds.

    Here’s How We Do It

    We are Colorado technical SEO experts who not only care about helping you succeed but also have the tools and techniques to achieve it. FiveFifty’s technical SEO consultants take the guesswork out of finding any problems that may hurt your user experience and keyword rankings. By finding issues with clinical efficiency, our technical SEO services save our clients time and money before problems become costly setbacks.

    SEO Audit

    Our technical SEO consultants start every campaign with a comprehensive crawl audit to understand how Google views your website. This allows our technical SEO experts to discover any critical issues to build a foundation for long-term success with our services.

    Improve UX & Crawlability

    FiveFifty’s technical SEO consultants work with you and your development team to respond to any critical issues that may be breaking or preventing your website from being indexed by Google. We then turn our focus to rounding up any miscellaneous issues that might be affecting your crawlability or user experience.

    Regular Maintenance

    To maintain the foundation of your SEO campaign we leverage our SEO toolset with pinpoint accuracy to quickly identify and resolve any technical SEO issues that may pop up from regular website development over time.

    Technical SEO Toolset

    Just as a mechanic needs the right tools and expertise to fix your car, so too do technical SEO consultants need the right gadgets to diagnose and fix issues with your website. We’ve invested heavily into providing the technical SEO consultants on our team with the right software and training so they have the know-how to ensure our clients have long-term success with their campaigns.

    FiveFifty Technical SEO Services Are Powered By:

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    Our technical SEO experts are experienced with the latest CMS technologies and website builders from platforms like:


    FiveFifty’s Technical SEO Services

    The professionals at our Denver-based technical SEO agency love to geek out on all things HTML, CSS, Javascript, and everything else website development-related, but it’s more than that. We genuinely care about developing a partnership with our clients and their website developers to empower them to create the best experience online for their customers. The professionals at our technical SEO company in Denver continually look for ways we can better optimize your website to target Google’s over 200 ranking factors, provide value to your customers, and increase your marketing qualified leads. Want to know how we do it? Take a look at our technical SEO services: 

    Monthly Crawl Audits

    At least once a month our team is performing a comprehensive technical SEO audit that checks for 140+ potential issues that could hurt your user experience and Google rankings. We are also ensuring that your XML sitemap and robots.txt files are properly set up and submitted to Google. Plus many of the issues we check for also help with ADA compliance. Here are just a few of the checks our technical SEO experts check for:

    • Broken Pages
    • Broken Links
    • Site Security
    • Server Errors
    • Duplicate Content
    • Indexing Issues
    • Orphaned Pages
    • Redirect Chains & Errors

    Structured Data Markup

    Structured Data Markup or schema is metadata that is encoded and placed on the backend of your website to help search engine bots further understand the content you are presenting to users. It essentially provides context for what the crawl bots are reading to better rank your website. Our Denver-based technical SEO agency helps you write, test, and implement this valuable code to increase your click-through rate, improve visibility and boost the likelihood of triggering advanced search results like a featured snippet. Plus it helps boost your local SEO too.

    Core Web Vitals & Speed Optimizations

    Google’s algorithms have always been designed to deliver people great user experiences and starting in 2021 they have formally quantified those metrics known as Core Web Vitals, which we think is pretty cool. Our technical SEO consultants can now dive into these metrics and discover additional opportunities to improve your site’s speed and performance to make both your visitors and Google happy. It’s a win-win.

    Redirect Mapping

    How many times has this happened to you – you click on a website, but get frustrated when a broken 404-page error greets you instead of the content you were eagerly awaiting. We get it, these interactions frustrate us too. Our technical SEO experts will help you avoid these potential lost opportunities through comprehensive redirect management including regular audits to identify any new broken pages. So whether you are redesigning your website, migrating to a new domain, or just in need of regular maintenance, FiveFifty’s technical SEO services will make sure your customers always find a relevant page to connect with you.

    Mobile Performance

    It’s happened – more than half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices and Google has, in turn, switched to mobile-first indexing. Here’s what that means for you, if your website is not fully designed to provide a fantastic experience on both mobile and desktop, then you are going to lose sales to your competitors. In fact, 67% of mobile users say that when they visit a mobile-friendly site, they’re more likely to buy a site’s product or service. FiveFifty’s technical SEO services include regular audits of your mobile site to identify any issues and provide you with comprehensive recommendations on things like:

    • Slow Mobile Load Times
    • Large CSS & Javascript Files
    • Small Text Size
    • Correctly Sized Clickable Elements
    • Oversized Images
    • Page Spacing

    Image & Video Optimization

    Images and videos make your content easier to digest and more importantly lead to higher conversion rates, but it’s a catch-22. If your website is cluttered with massive image and video files then it might become too slow for Google, and more importantly your users, to process. According to HTTP Archive images alone make up over 21% of page weight. Our technical SEO services are designed to make sure your website still provides attractive marketing resources and media while also ensuring it doesn’t negatively affect user experience by:

    • Optimizing File Formats
    • Removing Excess Image and Video Data
    • Adding Descriptive Image Alt Attributes
    • Implementing Image Sitemaps

    Google Penalty Recovery

    Google penalties are an SEO’s worst nightmare. Seriously, it keeps us up at night sometimes. They are likely the result of Google punishing websites for triggering blackhat SEO red flags. Sometimes though it can also be the cause of one of your competitors trying to hurt your website with a negative SEO attack. Worried about a Google Penalty? Here are the telltale signs that you’ve been hit with one:

    • Notifications in Google Search Console About Manual Actions
    • Sudden, Steep Drops in Keyword Rankings
    • Abrupt, Sharp Drops in Website Traffic

    When this happens one of two things is likely the culprit – an algorithm update, or worse a manual penalty. Our technical SEO services are designed to quickly diagnose the root cause and start the process of recovering your lost customers and restoring your reputation.

    New Site Launches & Site Migrations

    First off, congratulations on the new website. We can’t wait to see it! Secondly, whether you are giving your website a facelift, completely redesigning your user experience, or migrating domains, our technical SEO consultants can help ensure a smooth transition and retain your SEO performance. Our technical SEO services will:

    • Benchmark Important Pages Through Google Analytics and Keyword Data
    • Identify Broken 404 Pages
    • Map Redirects
    • Update Internal Links
    • Monitor Keyword Rankings and Organic Traffic
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    We Let Our Work Speak for Itself

    Our SEO company isn’t just talk. We have the results to back up our claims from actual businesses who have used our SEO services to drive new business. Skeptical? See for yourself:


    We’ll be honest with you. Technical SEO services are not glamorous work sometimes, but it lays the foundation for improving your online leads. We want to develop a partnership with you to create a first-rate user experience that drives traffic to your website from search engines like Google. We are a team of technical SEO experts who genuinely care about driving long-term marketing success and connecting you with real people. Interested? Contact our Denver-based technical SEO company and let’s get to work.