SEO for Recruitment Agencies

Dramatically Increase Your Candidate Pool and Reach New Businesses

The first thing job seekers do at the start of their job search is use a search engine like Google. Recruitment search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most valuable marketing strategies staffing agencies can use to stand out, increase their applicant pool, and connect with new businesses looking to hire. FiveFifty leverages our scientifically-tested and heavily researched strategies so your agency can improve your sourcing strategy and reach new business clients at the same time. Interested in learning how? Let’s chat.

Let’s Talk Numbers

75% of candidates commence their job hunt through a search engine

30 percent of all Google searches (about 300 million per month) are job-related


Times More Clicks

Websites that appear at the top of Google are 10x more likely to receive a click compared to at the bottom of the first page.


Percent Increase

Moving up just one spot in search results will increase your click through rate by 30.8% on average.

So here’s the point: both job seekers and hiring managers use search engines like Google during the hiring process. If your recruitment agency’s website and online jobs board is not present during these crucial moments in their journey, you’ll be losing these potential clients and candidates to your competitors. 

An SEO Agency Dedicated to Connecting You to Real People

At FiveFifty, creating meaningful connections with actual humans is at the heart of what we are all about. And it takes a team of real people to do it. When you invest in our SEO for recruitment agencies, you’ll be developing a partnership with a group who check their egos at the door; people who actually want to listen to what you are saying. We will leverage your insights with our team’s experience to help you better reach hirers and hirees as they use search engines like Google. We then combine this with our proven strategies, industry-leading tools, and hard data to create a customized plan which better aligns your staffing agency with what people are searching for online.

FiveFifty’s Recruitment SEO Services

Cookie-cutter SEO doesn’t work. To drastically improve your presence on search engines you need custom-tailored SEO strategies that create alignment between what makes your staffing agency unique and what job seekers and employers are searching for. FiveFifty’s approach to SEO for recruiting agencies starts with a comprehensive examination of you, your competitors, and your target market. Our experienced analysts then take all this data and, using Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and conversion rate optimization best practices, create white-hat SEO strategies for helping you better connect with actual people.


Every great SEO campaign stems from strong website development. If Google can not properly crawl your web pages, then you won’t be added to their index. Not to mention, poor functionality creates high bounce rates and leaves a poor impression with your potential customers. To ensure your recruitment SEO campaign is built with a strong foundation, our professionals will complete: 

  • Monthly Crawl Audits
  • Page Speed Testing and Optimizations
  • Google Core Web Vitals Optimizations
  • Redirect Mapping
  • HTML Schema Code Optimizations
  • Sitemap Creation and Optimizations

SEO Content

You may be a powerhouse at placing job hunters with top companies, but your website may not be effectively conveying that to Google and search engine users. That’s where we come in. Our experienced SEO for recruitment professionals know just how to align what makes your company’s approach to recruiting unique with what people are searching for online. Our content writing is designed to rank high on Google and entice readers towards meaningful actions such as form submissions. We’ll help you create effective landing pages for all your placement services by completing: 

  • Conducting Keyword Research and Strategy
  • Writing Content
  • Optimizing Your Page for Search Intent
  • Optimizing URLs
  • Improving Meta-Titles and Meta-Descriptions
  • Strategically Placing Internal and External Links


Job seekers and HR managers are turning to Google with their questions at key moments during their hiring process. Are you showing up? These types of informational searches are great opportunities for you to make connections with potential clients throughout the hiring process and increase your brand awareness. In fact, companies that blog can see as much as 55% more visitors and experience better returns on their digital marketing.


What New York job seekers and employers are looking for is vastly different than what those in Charleston, St. Louis, or Denver are looking for. Our recruitment SEO experts will help you discover what candidates and companies are looking for around the country and how you can align your agency with what they are searching for. FiveFifty’s SEO for recruitment analysts will help you form meaningful connections with these local communities by optimizing: 

  • Google My Business Profiles
  • Localized Content with Geo-Targeted Keywords
  • Local HTML Structured Data Markup
  • Profiles on Local Directories and Review Sites


Using white-hat link building tactics, FiveFifty’s search engine professionals will help you boost your agency’s online trust and authority. By doing so, we’ll be helping to legitimize your business in the eyes of Google leading to stronger rankings and increased website traffic. FiveFifty’s SEO for recruitment agencies offers off-page strategies that include: 

  • Link Research
  • Link Outreach
  • Strategic Guest Blogging


At the end of every month, FiveFifty’s team will present you with a detailed report that will outline your current campaign strategy, as well as track key performance indicators (KPIs) like keyword rankings, organic traffic, and the percentage of new visitors your website saw that month. Ultimately, we want to work with you to: 

  • Capitalize on Successes
  • Cut Losses or Underperforming Strategies Quickly
  • Identify and Fix Problems Early

Need More Reasons To Invest in SEO? Here’s Five…

1. Connect with New Employers and Job Hunters 

With an improved presence on search engines, your website will see a dramatic increase in organic traffic. By combining our data-driven SEO for recruitment strategies with conversion rate optimization best practices, FiveFifty’s professionals will help you to turn this uptick in internet traffic into a significant increase in your job placements. 


2. Be Seen as a Top Player in Your Industry

When people consistently see a company’s website in the top three positions on Google they are more inclined to associate that brand as one of the top businesses in the industry. When that happens, brand recognition tends to increase leading to more confidence in your services and more sales.  

3. SEO Future Proofs Your Marketing Funnel

Unlike other forms of advertising where a decrease in spend has an immediate and equivalent decrease in your media impressions, your rankings on organic search results are not continually dependent on your investment. You invest in doing the right things for your recruitment SEO campaign and they’ll produce long-lasting results. So even during hard economic times and your marketing budgets get slashed, your organic rankings will still be there to generate new leads. 

4. Better Employer and Job Seeker Insights

The data you gather from your recruitment agency’s SEO campaign will give you a more complete and unbiased window into what job seekers are looking for, as well as the questions they are asking. Just think of how much more effective your job listings will be!

5. Significant Return on Your Investment

If your marketing campaign does not generate a return on your investment, you’re basically just lighting your money on fire. Compared to traditional media like print ads and direct mail, which has an average 1.7% conversion rate, SEO has a 14.6% conversion rate. Organic search is also 5X more valuable than Google Ads, meaning the dollars you spend on search search optimization is significantly more likely to result in an increase in appointments.

Cross-Channel Integration


Higher Caliber Landing Pages

With our recruitment SEO content writers crafting pages using conversion rate optimization techniques, your PPC, social media, display, and programmatic online marketing campaigns can all use these pages to increase conversions. The on-page optimizations that go into your website can become highly effective landing pages for your paid media campaigns. Plus as an added bonus better landing pages also tend to improve your Quality Scores; scores that factor into how much our team has to bid for your ad to be shown on different platforms. SEO landing pages can improve this score leading to a decrease in your cost-per-click and an increase in your impressions. 

PPC Keyword Integrations

Google Ads can be a key addition to your digital marketing strategy. By combining SEO and Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC) your staffing agency is sure to dominate the search engine results page. Our SEO and PPC teams share their targeting data to identify new opportunities to ensure your website is able to maximize both it’s paid and organic traffic. 


Organic traffic generated by our SEO for recruitment services produces data that our media buyers can turn into insights for how to maximize the efficiency of your marketing dollars. With this information, we can generate more extensive digital marketing campaigns to reach candidates and hiring managers during crucial moments in the hiring process. 

Shareable Assets

Sometimes it can be a difficult task to find new things to share on your social media accounts. Many of the pieces of content that your recruitment SEO campaign produces, especially blogs, can be turned into assets that you can then turn around and share on your social media accounts to generate engagement. 

Helping a Variety of Recruiters

FiveFifty’s experts on SEO for recruitment agencies can help a variety of companies in the staffing industry including: 

  • Executive & Management Recruiters
  • Marketing Recruiters
  • Industrial Recruiters
  • Healthcare Recruiters
  • Dental Recruiters
  • Sales Recruiters
  • Finance & Accounting Recruiters
  • Manufacturing Recruiters
  • IT Recruiters
  • Executive Assistant Recruiters

Our Results Speak For Themselves.

The FiveFifty SEO team isn’t all talk. We can actually back up our claims with strong evidence from previous SEO campaigns. Take a look for yourself: `

Ready to Connect More Candidates with the Right Company?

We’re a team of recruitment SEO experts who genuinely care about doing what’s right for your company. Our professionals will help you to develop real and lasting relationships with HR professionals as they seek the right candidates for their business. Sounds interesting enough? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started about what our recruitment SEO services can do for your brand’s online presence.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is SEO for Recruitment Agencies?

    SEO for recruitment agencies is all about connecting staffing firms with hiring managers and job seekers as they use search engines like Google. It’s the process of creating alignment between what makes your staffing agency and website unique with what people are searching for on Google. This is done through the three pillars of SEO: 

    1. Creating a strong foundation through technical SEO optimizations that improves user experience and crawlability. 
    2. On-Page SEO optimizations focused on creating content that search engines and users will love
    3. Using Off-Page SEO tactics to build trust and authority

    How Long Does SEO Take?

    SEO for recruitment agencies is an investment. It can take a while for your returns to come in, but when they do they usually pay large dividends. A typical SEO campaign can take on average anywhere between three months to a year to see large returns, depending on the competitiveness of the keywords you are targeting.

    What is Organic Search?

    Organic traffic is natural (unpaid) visitors to your website from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.