Real Estate SEO Services

Develop Long-Lasting Relationships with Home Buyers and Sell More Homes!

It’s all about location, location, location! We’re not just talking about buying and selling properties, your location on search engines is a critical part of dominating the real estate market. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a valuable digital marketing strategy for agents and brokers to stand out from the rest of the pack. The higher you are able to rank in search results, the more website traffic you’ll receive, the more high-quality leads your website will generate, and the more homes and properties you’ll be able to sell. Interested in learning how? Let’s chat about it.

Real Estate SEO Helps You Easily Connect With Home Buyers and Sellers

Real estate SEO can help you find home buyers and sell more homes.

90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process and 44% of them started with search


Percent Increase

Real estate related searches on Google have grown by 253%

97% of consumers will check the internet presence of a company before deciding whether they are worth buying from


Percent Increase

Commercial real estate related online searches have grown 60% since 2008


Times More Clicks

A website in the number one spot on Google is ten times more likely to receive a click compared to a website in the tenth position.

Ok, phew, now that we have gotten through all that, here’s the point: search engines represent a significant step in the home buying and selling process. If you are not present in these crucial moments, you are losing these potential buyers to your competitors. FiveFifty’s real estate SEO services are designed to create alignment between these crucial moments in search results and your brokerage firm or real estate agency.

An SEO Company for Realtors Built to Put People First

We’re all about creating alignment between what people are searching for and what makes your agency unique to create meaningful connections with real people. With our SEO team, you’ll be developing a partnership with real people who listen, folks who check their ego at the door, and a team that can always be counted on. Our SEO for real estate agent professionals bring a passion for the work we do for our clients and are always curious about how we can better optimize their campaigns. Simply put, we genuinely care about providing meaningful SEO services that deliver highly-qualified leads and help agents and brokers develop long-lasting relationships with home buyers.

FiveFifty’s Real Estate SEO Services

To ensure each of our clients receive high-quality leads and a strong return on their investment, our realtor SEO specialists customize each of our SEO campaigns. We’ll take the time to get to know your real estate company, your competitors, and your local market. We’ll then be able to use all this knowledge and data to craft a campaign that utilizes our proven formulas for real estate success and is tailored to your goals and the home buyers and sellers you want to reach.

TECHNICAL SEO for Realtors

Just like houses without a strong foundation will crumble, an SEO campaign without strong web design and technical search engine optimizations are doomed to fail. Poor functionality will lead to a high bounce rate and lost opportunities, not to mention Google’s crawl bots won’t be able to index your real estate website, resulting in pages not appearing in search results. To ensure your SEO campaign is built with a strong foundation, our professionals will complete: 

  • Monthly Crawl Audits
  • Page Speed Testing and Optimizations
  • Google Core Web Vitals Optimizations
  • Redirect Mapping
  • HTML Schema Code Optimizations
  • Sitemap Creation and Optimizations

On-Page SEO for Real Estate Agents

Perhaps the most impactful SEO strategy for real estate agents is a thoroughly researched and well-executed content Strategy. Our team will help you to craft website pages that are well-written leading to a strong ranking presence on search engines AND entices visitors towards meaningful actions such as lead form submissions. Using data on the most important real estate keywords in your market area, our team will: 

  • Caft Keyword-Rich, Well-Written Content
  • Optimize Your Real Estate Listings
  • Ensure the Search Intent Matches Your Page Intent 
  • Optimize Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
  • Create Clear and Effective URLs and Information Architecture
  • Strategically Place Internal and External Links


An impactful addition to any real estate strategy is SEO-optimized blogs. In fact, one of the largest segments of real estate keyword opportunities are informational searches surrounding the home buying process. These critical moments with home and property buyers give realtors a fantastic opportunity to reach prospective clients at the start of their journey. Companies that blog will actually have far better marketing results and can have as much as 55% more visitors to their website.

LOCAL Real Estate SEO

Targeting homebuyers in local markets and specific communities means your campaign will need effective local SEO strategies. Just like realtors need a strong reputation in their communities in order to sell more homes, Google needs to see your website as being connected to a reputable local business in order to send local traffic to your webpages. Our real estate SEO experts will help you to form meaningful connections with your community and prove to Google that you are a credible local business by: 

  • Creating, Verifying, and Optimizing a Google My Business Profile
  • Targeting “Near Me” Style Keyword Searches
  • Ensuring Your N.A.P. (Name, Address, Phone Number) is Up-to-date and Consistent Everywhere You Are Present On The Internet
  • Creating High-Quality Local Citations

Off-Page SEO for Real Estate Agents

Link building, when it uses whitehat SEO strategies, is an incredible way to boost your website’s credibility and presence on search engines. Increasing your credibility means Google will be more likely to trust your content, which leads to better keyword rankings and organic traffic. FiveFifty offers strategies for: 

  • Link Research
  • Link Outreach
  • Strategic Guest Blogging


At the end of every month, FiveFifty’s team will present you with a detailed report that will outline where your campaign strategy is, as well as track key performance indicators (KPIs) like keyword rankings, organic traffic, and the percentage of new visitors your website saw that month. Ultimately, we want to work with you to 

  • Capitalize on Successes
  • Cut Losses or Underperforming Strategies Quickly
  • Identify and Fix Problems Early
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Perks of SEO for Realtors

Still not Convinced? Here are five more reason to invest in FiveFifty’s real estate SEO services: 

1. Increased Name Recognition and Visibility 

Just like billboards and faces on benches leads to improved name recognition in real estate, with SEO your website becomes a billboard on the “information superhighway” (a.k.a. the internet). The more keywords you rank for, the higher the chance home buyers and sellers will associate your name with success in real estate. 

2.Long-Lasting Impact

Unlike other forms of advertising where a decrease in spend has an immediate and equivalent decrease in your media impressions, your rankings on organic search results are not continually dependent on your investment. You invest in doing the right things for SEO and they’ll produce long-lasting results.

3. Gain a Better Understanding Of Your Customers

Often what home buyers say they want isn’t always the complete pictures. With data you gather from our real estate SEO services, you’ll have a more complete and unbiased window in your prospective clients’ needs, wants, and the questions they are asking. Think of what your realtors could do with that information!

4. An Even Playing Field

Google doesn’t care if your real estate agency is big or small; all it’s search algorithms care about is providing users with the best resources. With help from FiveFifty’s real estate SEO experts your agency will be able to rank alongside, if not above, the largest players in your real estate market. 

5. High Return on Investment

If your marketing is not generating a strong return on your investment and helping to grow your business, then you are just throwing your money away. Compared to traditional media, which has a small return on your investment, SEO has one of the strongest returns on investments of any marketing vertical both offline and online. For example, according to a Google Economic Impact Report, organic search is 5X more valuable than Google Ads.

Marketing and Sales Cross-Integrations

Investing in real estate SEO also means investing in improving your digital advertising efforts. A major perk of working with FiveFifty is that we are a team of passionate individuals who actually enjoy talking to one another and sharing information about the different aspects of a campaign, so our clients can receive the best results possible to grow their business. We have actually designed our internet marketing services to work together. Take a look at some of the major cross-integrations that happen between our search engine optimization and paid media campaigns

1. Assets for Your Sales Team

FiveFifty’s SEO pages provide an abundance of resources that can be used by your realtors to show the value of your properties and help in the sales process. Any blogs your real estate SEO campaign creates can also be a great resource for answering any questions home buyers or sellers may have. 

2. Superior Landing Pages and Quality Scores

One of the major perks of SEO for realtors is when our professionals create optimized content, we are also crafting powerful landing pages that can be utilized by our paid media specialists to increase your conversions. Keyword rich landing pages will also improve your quality scores, scores that factor into how much you are required to bid for ad serving platforms to show your advertisement. With an exceptional quality score, you’ll be able to decrease your cost-per-impressions and cost-per-click, potentially leading to more ads being shown and more conversions and leads. 

3. More Data Means Better Targeting

With tracking data from our real estate SEO services, FiveFifty’s media buyers will have greater insights into how to better target home buyers in your area and maximize the efficiency of your ad spend, leading to more leads for your realtors. 

4. Integrated SEO and PPC Keyword Strategies

FiveFifty’s SEO experts work closely with our in-house PPC managers creating more effective organic and paid search campaigns. Both online marketing verticals will be able to learn from one another, leading to more successful campaigns. They can even discover new opportunities to generate leads.

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Our Results Speak For Themselves.

The FiveFifty SEO team isn’t all talk. We actually have the results to back up our claims. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of our case studies:

Ready to Sell More Homes and Properties?

Here’s the pitch: with FiveFifty’s real estate SEO team you’ll be developing a partnership with real people who listen, folks who check their ego at the door, and a team who can be counted on. We are a team of passionate individuals who genuinely want to help your agency grow and sell more homes by improving your presence on search engines. For us, providing meaningful SEO services for realtors means empowering our clients AND delivering outstanding results. Ready to close this deal? Let’s chat about it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of researching and developing strategies to optimize your website that increases your keyword visibility and organic traffic. Effectively, we are trying to make the strongest case possible to Google that your website provides exactly what its users are looking for.

    What is Organic Search?

    Organic traffic (session) occurs whenever a visitor lands on your website as a result of an unpaid result on a search engine like Google.

    How Long Does SEO Take?

    The short answer is that it depends on how competitive your local market is. We can typically start to see improvements on your key performance indicators in as little as 2-3 months for some real estate brokers, while others could take 6 months to up to a year for firms with heavy competition. SEO again is an investment and will pay dividends once your website gains traction with Google.

    What is Whitehat SEO?

    Think of whitehat SEO as strategies that follow Google’s webmaster guidelines and best practices. These are “ethical” practices designed to make a stronger case for why your website and content better aligns with someone’s search. FiveFifty’s SEO services are designed to be whitehat. 

    Black hat SEO on the other hand aims to trick Google into ranking a website. This is the unethical way of doing SEO. Often when companies claim they can improve your SEO in as little as a month they are using black hat strategies. Not only will these strategies most likely not work, but they can also lead to penalties that will tank your organic traffic and keyword rankings and can take months to recover from, meanwhile your lead generation will suffer.

    Is SEO Able To Help Real Estate Companies With Multiple Locations?

    Of course! FiveFifty can craft real estate SEO strategies that are tailored to targeting prospective clients in each of the markets your brokers buy and sell in. This can include performing local SEO strategies and crafting highly-effective SEO website pages for each of the markets you operate in.

    What Are Local Citations?

    A local citation is any place online that shows your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). They are an important off-page SEO strategy and can take the form of resources like local directories, social media profiles, and other websites or apps not owned by your business.