Franchise SEO Services

Give Your Business the Competitive Edge It Needs

Could your franchise use more sales and leads? When your business does not appear at the top of search engines like Google, you are losing potential customers to your competitors. Search engine optimization (SEO) allows franchise businesses to increase their online visibility, drive traffic to their website, and increase sales. FiveFifty’s franchise SEO services are customized to each business and their target market. We never use short cuts like black-hat SEO tactics; we do SEO the right way so franchise owners can grow their business without fears of damaging penalties. By optimizing your website for search engines you’ll be aligning your business with what your target market is searching for and create meaningful relationships with real people. Interested in learning how? Let’s chat about it.

Be Present During the Moments that Matter

In Business it’s all about numbers, so let’s talk numbers:

97% of consumers will check the internet presence of a company before deciding whether they are worth buying from

A report published by Brightedge, estimates that 51% of all online traffic comes from organic searches.

According to a study by Google, 76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

Think with Google reported that when people experience “I-want-to-buy” moments 71% of them will visit a retailers website or app


Percent Increase

On average, moving up 1 spot in search results will increase your click through rate by 30.8%

Here’s the bottom line, modern consumers rely on search engines to make more informed decisions before they buy. If your franchise is not present during these critical moments on search, you are losing these potential customers to your competitors.

An SEO Agency Designed to Put People First

Here at FiveFifty, people are at the heart of what we are all about. With our franchise SEO company you’ll be forming a partnership with folks who understand that search engine users are more than just data points; they are real people with actual needs and questions who are turning to Google for the answers. We’re an agency of SEO specialists who will actually listen, folks who check their ego at the door, a team you can always count on to have your back. Our analysts take the guesswork out of digging into search data to discover what your potential customers are really looking for and use it to align your business with their needs so you can grow your franchise business.

FiveFifty’s Franchise SEO Services

SEO is all about creating alignment between what people are searching for and what makes your franchise unique. Our goal is to then use that alignment to create connections with real people in meaningful and measurable ways. FiveFifty’s specialists have search engine optimization down to a science. We’ve developed white-hat SEO strategies that merge proven franchise SEO marketing tactics with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and conversion rate optimization best practices to help you reach people during impactful moments on search engines. No two SEO strategies are the same, however. We’ll take our proven strategies and tailor them to the needs of each franchise owner.

Competitive Landscape Analysis & Local Market Research

At the start of every franchise SEO campaign, our analysts always start with a deep-dive into your business, your competitors, and your target market. Data is king in digital marketing, so we want to spend time researching and compiling as much information as we can to create customized franchise SEO services for your business. By analyzing your competitors we’ll also be able to understand how they are positioning themselves on search engines, and then develop an effective marketing strategy for beating them.


Your website acts as the digital home for your franchise location. If your physical storefront is outdated or isn’t in proper working condition, people will be turned away and you’ll lose business. The same thing is true when designing and optimizing your website; making a good impression and improving your site’s functionality will lead to your visitors having a positive experience. Not to mention Google’s crawl bots will be able to properly index your webpages, so they can show up in search results. Whether your franchise operates its own website or has a microsite off a main corporate website, we’ll ensure Google’s bot and your users have the best possible impression of your site. Our technical franchise SEO services include: 

  • Monthly Crawl Audits
  • Page Speed Testing and Optimizations
  • Google Core Web Vitals Optimizations
  • Redirect Mapping
  • Structured HTML Data (Schema Markup)
  • Sitemap Creation and Optimizations

On-Page Content

Whether your franchise location operates its own independent website or microsite on a corporate website, the foundation of your SEO campaign will center around optimized content. Our franchise SEO marketing services include creating or reworking your website so every one of your products and services is properly highlighted. FiveFifty’s content is designed to generate better keyword rankings AND entice your readers towards meaningful actions such as contact form submissions. Our franchise SEO services include: 

  • Keyword Research and Strategy
  • Content Writing
  • URL Optimization
  • Meta-Titles and Meta-Descriptions
  • Strategic Internal and External Linking


Often one of the best strategies for improving your brand awareness is publishing SEO optimized blogs on your website. Companies that blog have actually been shown to experience far better marketing results, with as much as 55% more people visiting your website. FiveFifty’s franchise SEO marketing professionals will target these informational search queries and then utilize your expertise and our on-page SEO tactics to craft high quality blogs. 

Off-Page Link Building

Off-page SEO for franchises, when done using white-hat strategies, is an incredibly effective way to improve your business’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Improving your E.A.T. with backlinks is a great way to show Google that you are a highly credible source of information and, as a result, their search algorithms are more likely to reward you with better keyword rankings and more organic traffic. Our franchise SEO marketing includes: 

  • Link Research
  • Link Outreach
  • Strategic Guest Blogging

In-Depth Reporting

Every month, our team will provide you with easy to understand reports that outline your campaign strategy, your deliverables, as well as track key performance metrics such as keyword rankings, organic traffic, new visitors, and goal completions. We’ll also monitor for any hacks, Google penalties, and other damaging events so they can be caught and fixed early before they cause too much harm. Our reports also monitor your top 3 competitors and provide you with details on their SEO efforts. We want to to use these reports to: 

  • Capitalize on Successes
  • Cut Losses or Underperforming Strategies Quickly
  • Identify and Fix Problems Early
maps on phone and desktop

Local SEO For Franchises

A survey by BrightLocal found that 90% of consumers used the internet to find a local business in the last year, with 33% looking every day. Additionally, according to a study conducted by Google, “near me” mobile searches that contain a variant of “can I buy” or “to buy” have grown by 500%. What these two studies are showing is that consumers are becoming increasingly more reliant on search engines to find local businesses they are willing to buy from. Since most franchises target a specific region, state, or city, a  local SEO strategy will be a vital part of helping your business form meaningful connections with your local communities. Our local SEO franchise services include: 

  • Creating, Verifying, and Optimizing a Google My Business/Google Maps Profile
  • Targeting “Near Me” Style Keyword Searches with Target Localized Content
  • Creating High-Quality Local Citations


Franchise Owners with Multiple Locations

If your business operates multiple franchise locations, first off- congratulations. Secondly, your franchise SEO service plan will need to include local SEO for multiple locations. Whether your business operates 2 or 2,000 storefronts, it is critical that Google can understand your unique offering in each local market. Our analysts will take the time to look at each of the local communities that you operate in and tailor your campaign to better reach each of your target markets including: 

  • Creating Location-Specific Content
  • Creating, Verifying, and Optimizing Each Franchise’s Google My Business Profile
  • Creating High-Quality Local Citations for Each Location 
  • Develop Local Business HTML Schema Specific to Each Franchise

Perks of SEO for Franchises

Still not convinced? Here are 5 great benefits of investing in SEO for franchises. 

1. Increased Website Traffic & Sales

As you begin to rank for more keywords on Google and other search engines, you’ll start to see a dramatic upward trend in your website traffic. By integrating conversion rate optimization best practices, FiveFifty’s franchise SEO services will turn that uptick in traffic into a significant increase in your online and offline sales. 

2. Increased Brand Visibility & Awareness

Think of your website as a billboard on the “information superhighway”. The more keywords your franchise is able to rank for, the more “billboards” your site will have leading to an increase in  the number of touch points you’ll have with your potential customers. 

3. SEO Can Never Be Turned Off

Unlike other forms of advertising where a decrease in spend has an immediate and equivalent decrease in your media impressions, your rankings on organic search results are not continually dependent on your investment. When you invest in implementing the right things for your franchise’s SEO campaign you’ll produce long-lasting results. So even during hard economic times and your marketing budgets get slashed, your organic rankings will still be there to generate sales. In this way, SEO is able to almost “future proof” your marketing. 

4. Improved Customer Insights

The data that is gathered during your franchise SEO marketing campaign can provide you with a more complete and unbiased window into the needs of your customers as well as the questions they are asking about your products and services. 

5. High Return on Investments

Compared to outbound marketing media like print ads and direct mail, which has an average 1.7% conversion rate, inbound franchise SEO marketing, when done right, has a 14.6% conversion rate. This is a significantly higher return on your investment compared to traditional advertising avenues. Ultimately, marketing initiatives without a significant increase in your revenue is just wasting your money. 

Digital Marketing Cross-Channel Integrations

Franchises that invest in SEO are also investing in improving their other online marketing strategies. We’re a real team here at FiveFifty, meaning all our different specialists actually enjoy working and collaborating together. Our SEO analysts and media buyers believe in integrating as much of our campaigns, so our clients can more effectively form connections with their target market. Take a look for yourself at some of these cross-integrations: 

1. SEO Landing Pages Create Higher Conversion Rates and Better Quality Scores

The content that is created with FiveFifty’s franchise SEO services can become highly effective landing pages for paid media campaigns. Since our SEO content is crafted using conversion rate optimization techniques, your PPC, social media, display, and programmatic digital marketing campaigns can all these pages to increase conversions. Better landing pages also tend to improve your Quality Scores, scores that factor into how much our team has to bid for your ad to be shown on different platforms. SEO landing pages can improve this score leading to a decrease in your cost-per-click and an increase in your ad impressions. 

2. Superior Targeting

FiveFifty’s franchise SEO services generate phenomenal data that our media buyers will then be able to use to gain further insights into how to more effectively connect you with your potential customers. Perhaps one of the best ways this data can be used is in implementing more successful retargeting tactics. Your franchise SEO marketing data provides outstanding insights into how real people interact with your business’s website and how to maximize your advertising dollars to better reach them. 

3. Integrated Keyword Strategies

FiveFifty’s franchise SEO marketing team works closely with our Pay-Per-Click managers to integrate your Google Ads and organic keyword strategies. By doing this, both campaigns are able to learn from one another and even discover untapped opportunities.

Our Results Speak For Themselves.

The FiveFifty SEO team isn’t all talk. We can actually back up our claims with strong evidence from previous SEO campaigns. Skeptical? Take a look for yourself:

Ready to Dramatically Increase Your Sales?

FiveFifty’s franchise SEO marketing experts are a team of experienced professionals who genuinely want to see your business thrive. Our franchise SEO services will help you develop real and lasting partnerships with your potential customers that creates incremental growth opportunities. Sounds interesting enough? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Franchise SEO?

    The goal of franchise SEO is to increase your presence and visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. This is accomplished by thoroughly researching, developing, and implementing data-driven strategies that create alignment between what people are searching for and makes your franchise location unique.

    How Long Does SEO Take?

    Search engine optimization is a long-term investment. It can take a few months to a full year for Google to fully crawl your website and shift its rankings. Ultimately, it will depend on how competitive of an industry your franchise operates in. However, SEO will pay massive dividends after your website does gain traction with Google and improvements start to “snow-ball” once they do happen.

    What is White-Hat SEO?

    White-hat SEO is all about doing search engine optimization the right way. These are ethical strategies designed not only for what Google wants to see, but also what your website visitors will find useful. White-hat SEO tactics are designed to provide a stronger case for why your website better aligns with what people are searching for following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and best practices. At our franchise SEO company, being “genuine” is one of our most important core values, which is why we practice white-hat SEO.

    On the flip side, black-hat SEO aims to trick Google into ranking a website. This is the unethical way of doing SEO for franchises which include tactics like keyword stuffing, link farms, hiding white text against a white background, etc. Often when another company claims they can improve your SEO in as little as a few weeks they are using these and other black-hat SEO strategies. Not only will these strategies most likely not work, but they are likely to put your website in a Google penalty. These penalties will tank your online presence and lead to a rapid decline in your organic traffic and major holes in your sales funnels. They can also take months to years to fully recover from, meanwhile your competitors are stealing your potential customers.

    Why Do I Need to Hire a Professional for SEO?

    Google is making thousands of updates to its algorithms and ranking factors every year. This requires constant monitoring and adjustments of your franchise SEO campaign to stay on top of search results. The experts at FiveFifty have the experience and expertise on how best to implement search engine optimization strategies that will minimize your negative exposure to these updates and capitalize on them when possible.

    What is Organic Search?

    Organic traffic (session) occurs whenever a visitor lands on your website directly from an unpaid listing on a search engine like Google, bing, or yahoo.

    What Are Local Citations?

    A local citation is any website that shows your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). They are important off-page and local strategies used in our franchises SEO services. They can take the form of listings on resources like local directories, social media profiles, and other websites or apps not owned by your business.