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Data-Driven SEO Strategies Proven to Generate Online Leads That Turn into New Patients

With over 189,000 dental practices in the US, the dentistry industry has become highly competitive. FiveFifty’s Dental SEO Services have helped dental practices to create online visibility. This visibility allows them to be discovered by new patients and create meaningful connections, leading to serious incremental growth for their businesses. Utilizing data-driven strategies, our team can help both new and existing dental offices improve their search engine presence and discoverability. Our SEO for dental practices has delivered 1,850% increases in organic traffic. Could your dental practice use more patients? Let’s chat.

FiveFifty’s Dental SEO Services Give Your Practice a Competitive Edge

Dental SEO marketing can help you find new patients and grow your practice:

80 percent of Internet users, or about 93 million Americans, have searched for a health-related topic online.

75.1% of all clicks in Google are from the first 3 results. That means if you are not one of those first results then your competitors are stealing your new patient opportunities.

44% of people who land on a dentist’s website from Google on a mobile device will schedule an appointment. 

Ok, phew, now that we have gotten through all that here’s the point: your potential patients rely on search engines like Google to discover how and where they can best treat their dental problems. If your website is not showing up in these critical moments, then you are losing these opportunities to your competitors.

An SEO Company for Dentist That Puts People First

For us here at FiveFifty, it’s all about creating meaningful relationships with real people for our clients. We’re a group of regular folks – mothers, fathers, adventurers, chefs, and gardeners. We’ve built our dental SEO company around the idea of combining our shared experience, both professional and personal, with industry-leading tools and strategies to really help our clients grow their practices. Will work with you to discover what people are searching for and develop a plan tailored towards your unique dental practice so you can better reach patients during these crucial moments.

FiveFifty’s SEO Services for Dentists

An effective dental SEO campaign is an investment in your practice’s future and is critical to staying competitive in your local market. Search engines like Google are where your future patients are looking for information and help to treat their dental problems. We collaborate with our dental partners to better help them reach these prospective patients in meaningful and measurable ways. We have experience helping a variety of dental practices, including: 

  • General dentists
  • Endodontists 
  • Orthodontists
  • Periodontists
  • Cosmetic dentists
  • Pediatric dentists

Take a look at what our data-driven SEO strategies include:

Research & Competitive Analysis

All of our dental SEO campaigns start with a comprehensive examination of your business, competitors, and your potential patients in your local market. We’ll spend time getting to know your dental practice and what makes it unique. We will also dive into the websites of your competitors to find out how they are positioning their dental practices on search and develop a strategy for beating them. Lastly, our dental SEO experts will do a deep dive into the data our tools provide us with to better understand what patients in your area are searching for. We’ll use all this data and research to compile a custom strategy tailored to help make your practice stand out in your local market.


The foundation of any great SEO campaign is a strong website and web design. Every month, our analysts will crawl your practice’s website to discover any technical SEO issues and then work with you to fix them. We want to make sure that Google’s crawl bots can understand and properly index your website AND ensure that when potential patients land on your pages, they function properly.


The bulk of our strategies designed to optimize SEO for dental practices will focus on optimizing individual services by creating new pages or reworking existing ones. Our dental SEO experts will conduct keyword research and analyze the data to create a customized strategy to maximize your website traffic and search engine rankings for each of your treatments. For example, if you provide a teeth whitening service, then our team would create content that helps you rank high in Google for that service and will drive conversions from website visitors.


One of the most significant categories of searches on Google are questions related to healthcare and dental treatments. In fact, 73% of consumers use search engines to research treatments. To help dental practices increase their brand visibility, awareness, and online traffic, our SEO analysts can help you to write blogs about dentistry that will rank well and grab readers attention. We’ll provide you with thoroughly researched strategies for writing effective blogs that can drastically improve your website’s organic search traffic and help you reach new potential patients in a meaningful way. 


The vast majority of searches related to dentistry will be local, meaning that Google and other search engines will populate results based on where a user is currently located. Our professionals understand the value of “near me” searches and will make sure all of our tactics for your campaign include strategies to address local SEO for dentists.


Gone are the days of looking up your local dentist offices in a phone book. Today, the vast majority of the population use search and online directories to discover local practices. Our team will help you optimize and create profiles on important website directories like Google Maps/Google My Business, Yellowbook, Health Grades, and other highly valuable directories.


Data is king in digital marketing and SEO. We’ll provide you with a monthly report that will provide details on your campaign strategy and key performance indicators (KPIs) such as keyword visibility and monthly organic traffic. We can then use these reports to find and fix problems early, quickly redirect our efforts from your losses, and maximize your campaign’s successes.

The Value of SEO Services for Dentists

Still not convinced? Here are 7 more reasons to invest in our dental search engine optimization services: 

  • Connect with new patient
  • Position yourself above other dental practices
  • Improved practice brand visibility and recognition
  • Content can be a great asset to explaining procedures to patients
  • SEO is always on even when your media spend is turned off
  • Prepare your practice for an unpredictable future
  • Revenue growth

Digital Marketing Cross-Integrations

1. Better Landing Pages

The content we create for SEO can lead to better landing pages that paid media campaigns can use to increase your conversions. 

2. Improved Quality Scores

Along with better landing pages also comes improved quality score – scores that factor into how much you have to bid on your paid media strategies for your ad to be shown. SEO landing pages can improve this score and decrease the amount you have to spend per impression or click.

3. Integrated Keyword Strategies

Our SEO team can work directly with our PPC managers to integrate your keyword strategies with your Google Ads campaigns. Your PPC campaigns will have more data to pull and learn from and you may even discover missed opportunities. 

4. Better Data & Patient Insights

With SEO data, your paid media campaign will have greater insights into how your potential patients interact with your website and how better to target them with your advertising efforts.

Take a Look at How Our Dental SEO Services Have Helped Practices Find New Patients

The dental seo experts at FiveFifty aren’t just all talk. We have the results to back up our claims from actual practices who have used our dental SEO services . Skeptical? See for yourself:

Ready to Dramatically Grow Your Dental Practice?

We’re a team of dental SEO experts who genuinely care about helping your practice grow. We want to develop a real and lasting partnership with our clients that allows them to better connect with potential patients in meaningful ways that creates incremental growth for your business. Sounds interesting enough? Contact our dental SEO company today. Our team can’t wait to get the conversation started.