The Real Rockstars of Denver

By September 30, 2015Uncategorized

Last Thursday, we got to meet some real rockstars.

Not Bono, Kanye, or Adele, mind you, but the Denver youths that are on track to replace them in the spotlight.

The Real Rock Star Awards was a celebration of 5 youths who excelled this year in their participation with Youth on Record, a local Denver nonprofit that provides music and social education to teens who are failing in their high schools.

Hundreds of Youth on Record supporters were in attendance, enjoying catered food and drinks and performances by the “house band”, a collection of Youth on Record teachers who are actually some of Denver’s most prolific working musicians.

When the time for the awards ceremony came, professional videos were shown that detailed each winner’s personal story and revealed the teachers’ reasons for nominating them. Some of the winners performed in their thank-you speeches, while others shed tears and gave thanks to their friends and family that supported them.

Ultimately, the most important takeaway was that Youth on Record’s methods are working – graduation rates in Denver are up and dropout rates are down. The organization has helped over 1,000 kids discover a passion for music and pursue it in a way that will help them graduate school with actionable skills.

FiveFifty was proud to sponsor Youth on Record’s Real Rock Star Awards. We hope you’ll check out the organization here.

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