Lessons from RampUp San Francisco

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Data, data everywhere. . . . and now LiveRamp is increasing their data offering, selling third party partner data to reach a plethora of prospective audience segments. At RampUp San Francisco in March, LiveRamp covered the hot topics in the media industry (several are highlighted below) and also unveiled their data capabilities for buyers and sellers, and yes, there was a special appearance by Marky Mark to kick it all off!

Omni-Channel Marketing

  • Track digital conversions, call center, walk-ups, etc.
    • Focus on user level data. The customer ID (not cookie ID)
      • De-dup conversions across channels—multi-touch modeling
      • Try to determine cost to acquire a new customer
  • Use customer LTV as a KPI
    • Become more predictive in user behavior rather than always looking back (big issue for retailers)

Addressable TV (45MM HHs)

  • Get meaningful insights!
    • Who is the target?
    • Performance should be measurable
    • Ad Retention stats – how much viewed
    • Viewability – big issue for TV! Need better guarantees.
    • Device level views – what is the best method to reach your target?
  • Need a feedback loop – quicker (real time) feedback
  • Get in front of the Individual vs. the HH
    • Who is the right audience?
    • What is right (optimal) frequency
    • Test different prospecting segments at the same to see which perform better

Marketing to Millennials

  • Focus on the message. It’s not so much about the media as it is the messaging
  • Engage the user
  • Poke fun at competitors in a light-hearted way
  • Make millennials feel special and personal
    • If someone gets engaged at a resort, give them a bottle of champagne
    • Put real people in ads – create a contest to find the new ad person
    • Give someone a week free stay at a hotel/resort for being a frequent visitor and have them share their experience (this is a personal touch as the hotel/resort acknowledges a user’s loyalty)
    • Small, personal acts that can be shared via social media

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