Pinterest for Business

Social media has changed the way businesses approach marketing. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter brand pages have allowed your company to have almost real time interactions with your customers and clients. The newest addition to the commercial social media sphere is the website Pinterest for business.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social networking site that is very different than it’s peers. While Facebook and Google+ allow companies to post photos, videos and text to create brand awareness pages, which their visitors can comment on and interact with, Pinterest has a rather unique approach.  The site allows individuals to visually share, curate, and discover new interests and products by posting (also known as “pinning”) images or videos to their own or other users pinboards. A pinboard is a collection of “pins” usually with a common theme such as Men’s Fashion, or Antique Furniture.  Individuals can upload unique images from their computers or can “pin” items they find on the web using the Pinterest pin it button or just adding a URL.

Pinterest for Business

With many brands and retailers already active on its platform, the transition to accounts designated for marketers, was inevitable.  Pinterest’s new business accounts are free of charge and are not brand pages in the tradition of what Facebook and Google+ have rolled out. They will not look any different than what is currently on the site. What is different is that Pinterest will allow you to simply enter the name of your business when registering, streamlining the sign up process. As part of the migration to more commercial usage, Pinterest has created new tools specifically for business users to help enhance interactivity.  New widgets enable you to embed pins and boards on your company’s website.

What Are the Advantages For Your Business?

Pinterest is taking an active roll in working more closely with businesses. The new widgets are designed to help you drive traffic by attracting more followers to your pinboards and profiles. More traffic means more brand awareness. By opening the Terms of Service to business users, you can now actively promote your presence on Pinterest in all of your marketing materials and across the web. Embedding the Pinterest widgets on your company’s website allows visitors to your site to go directly to Pinterest where they can interact with your boards and share links to your products or services with their friends across all other social media platforms.

By opening up, Pinterest for business use, your company has another outlet to engage prospects. Creative promotions like contests, development of apps, websites, and other services designed for use with Pinterest, offer new ways to reach potential customers, and to continue to engage your existing ones.

Ryan Wilson
Founder & CEO
Ryan has his hands in a bit of everything, but he mostly focuses on client success and the technical aspects of advertising. Ryan likes 90’s hip hop, heli-skiing, and spending time with his family.