Digital Marketing and Media Solutions

Our marketing solutions run the gamut from display to social to SEO but the core of what we do is traffic - all of our solutions serve to drive traffic to your website or campaign.

The World of Marketing is Constantly Changing

Ultimately, the success of your cross-channel marketing campaign lies in FiveFifty’s expertise and dedication to ongoing optimization. Rather than set up a campaign and let it run, we believe in staying hands-on with all our marketing campaigns, continually making adjustments to maximize performance.

In a world of competitive ads, video can provide an experience unlike any other. We can place your video creative wherever it’s going to be the most effective, thanks to our access to big data and our vast inventory.

Between programmatic media buying and direct site buys, we’re able to get your ads everywhere they need to be to reach your customers at the right time, every time. We have the inventory to get your messaging on virtually any major website.

4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphones to shop, and mobile is predicted to overtake desktop internet in the very near future. In popular apps and on the mobile web, we’re able to programmatically buy ad space to reach your next customer where they are consuming media.

As a Google Partner with staff certified in Google Analytics, we optimize dashboards to make campaign analysis clear. We have experience in website development, landing page implementation, and a/b testing to improve conversion rates.

SEM – We create highly targeted ad groups that focus on high conversion rates, then continually optimize campaigns for performance.

SEO – We perform on-page optimization, link-building, and ongoing content marketing to get your site visibility on the search engine results pages.

Advertising on social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, provides options for ultra-specific targeting. Discover your ideal clients through native high inpact first party data groups.

With Sharpspring, a powerful CRM and lead nurturing tool, we provide a serviced marketing automation experience. We set up the lists, tasks, and workflows to move leads down the funnel towards purchase.

Television, radio, and print advertising are effective at increasing brand awareness and getting leads into the funnel. With network relationships across the country, we’re able to take advantage of traditional marketing channels wherever your consumers are.

With partnerships throughout the country, we make billboard and digital poster buys on the most cost-efficient plans available, increasing brand awareness to create purchase intent.

U.S. interactive advertising revenues for 2013 hit an all-time high of $42.8 billion, according to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for the full-year, exceeding broadcast television advertising revenues for the first time ever.

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