Mobile Optimization of Websites for Marketing Performance

Every day and every year people are migrating toward a completely mobile computing and Internet browsing experience. A majority of website owners and businesses, including even Google, are seeing a shift in their revenue streams and marketing because of this transition. The sphere of mobile marketing is just emerging with methods for businesses to monetize their mobile traffic through mobile optimization efforts, but the landscape is predominately an untapped landscape ready for fresh new ideas and creativity.

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your website for mobile devices or even find yourself hesitant to do so, then read the benefits of optimization below and read about how one website saw their mobile revenue go from zero to 50% of being their AdSense profits!

Simple Is Better

One of the biggest pet peeves when it comes for mobile users browsing the Internet on their device is slow, bloated websites that are only optimized for a desktop. You’ve probably experienced the same frustrations, too. These types of websites are normally filled with tons of content, hard to click links because they are too small, and pages filled with ads that slow down the device.

While sometimes it can’t be controlled, the more simple a website is the better. Mobile marketing relies on being fast, so de-cluttering your website is an essential first step to take. Some ways websites optimize for this is by recognizing what kind of device, laptop, or computer a user is on and either switching the user to a mobile version or desktop version of the website on the fly.

Test The Waters

Most businesses are hesitant to try something new when it comes to their existing revenue streams and marketing strategies, though right now is the best time to test the waters when it comes to mobile marketing. On the official AdSense Blog, there was an interview with a Korean website owner of, which allows people to have international pen pals. In 2009, HiPenpal started to break apart their AdSense into both desktop and mobile friendly ads.

Now, in 2012, sees roughly 50% of their AdSense revenue from mobile users landing on the site. The website tested several different kinds of ads, finding a “sweet spot” in rectangle ads for mobile. After tweaking, changing, and adapting, HiPenpal has been able to monetize their mobile optimization successfully.

The Market Is Already Here

Everyone is using their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to stay connected and browse the Internet. Some professionals like to think that the mobile market isn’t ready yet, or will only vanish once something else comes along, but on-the-go users in some capacity are here and your business needs to be able to adapt with the changing landscape.

Ryan Wilson
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