Programmatic Video Marketing Services

Breaking Through the Noise with Compelling Ads

In a media-centric world, it’s pretty hard to grab and keep the attention of potential customers. Video ads are able to cut through the noise and grab attention in a world where audiences have a short attention span and can keep them engaged. Don’t believe us?



Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users



87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website



88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI

FiveFifty’s video marketing services allow you to grab your target audience’s attention and tell compelling stories. You provide the creative, we’ll develop strategies that ensure the right people see your message at the right time, in the right context. Interested in seeing how an online video marketing campaign can improve your brand’s engagement with real people? Let’s chat about it.

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A Video Marketing Company That Keeps the Focus on Your Audience

Here at FiveFifty, people are at the heart of what we do. And it takes a team of genuine people to connect you with real audiences in measurable ways. With us, you’ll be hiring a video marketing agency with first-hand applicable experience in video advertising. We use our passion for remarkable content combined with hard data, industry-leading tools, and professional expertise to help you craft compelling campaigns.

As part of our video marketing services we will help you:

1. Plan and Strategize Your Media Spend

2. Better Messaging

Our Team will help you customize attention-grabbing messaging that goes along with your video ads

3. Set-up and Track Your Video Ads

4. Tweak and Optimize

We'll regularly optimize your campaign to improve conversions

5. Monitor Campaign Progress

Our experts will continually monitor campaign performance through custom dashboards and reporting

Our Video Advertising Services

Video is a high impact experience that allows your brand to tell compelling stories to a relevant audience in intent-rich environments. It’s an integral part of many media plans we run here at FiveFifty. Like many of our digital marketing campaigns, our video marketing services are run programmatically. Quite simply, we buy impressions in real time on an ad exchange that connects advertisers to video inventory. We’ll deploy multiple audience targeted strategies, optimize to the strongest performers, and continually iterate on tactics and targeting throughout the life of the campaign. Our strategy? test, learn and scale.

Typically video will be a tactic in a larger advertising strategy. There are scenarios however, where we may run a video-only campaign – especially if it’s a brand awareness campaign. In most cases, our video advertising services are a higher funnel, higher impact tactic that we run in an overarching strategy.

Our Video Advertising Tactics

Website Video Advertising

Much like display advertising, these video ads are served programmatically on websites, but, you guessed it, in video advertising inventory. Primarily, these serve in pre or mid-roll placements or in-article.

Addressable TV Advertising

CTV (connected TV advertising) runs like a normal programmatic campaign, but targets people as they use On-Demand streaming services like Sling TV, Hulu, and Roku. These video marketing services use the same programmatic principles to serve targeted audiences ads during their television streaming.

YouTube Video Advertising

With 5 billion videos watched every day and 30 million daily active users, YouTube is a video powerhouse. Our search team can help you craft customized campaigns that will help you target specific videos and audiences.

Social Media Video Advertising

Target people as they browse the most popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. FiveFifty’s video advertising services can help your brand connect with highly targeted audiences on these platforms, at scale.

Industries We’ve Helped

Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism

Financial Services and Banking

Real Estate

Home Improvements

Restaurant and Food Service

Healthcare and Dentistry


B2B Services





Public Utilities


Software and IT Solutions

Ready to Tell a More Compelling Story About Your Business?

Ok here’s the rub. Our digital video marketing agency looks beyond points of data and finds unique ways to grab the attention of real people. Our programmatic video advertising services can help you break through the online noise to tell compelling stories and keep your audience engaged. Interested in what that means for your brand? We are.

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