Programmatic Audio Advertising Services

Use the streaming services your customers love for more effective digital marketing campaigns

Music streaming has quickly and seamlessly become a major aspect of our daily lives, but then, we probably don’t need to explain that to you. Alright, just in case, here are some compelling statistics:



Soundcloud Users



Spotify Users



iHeartRadio Users



Pandora Users

Programmatic audio has grown substantially in the past few years. And that’s important. Firstly, it’s far more valuable than it’s elder counterpart, terrestrial radio advertising. One compelling reason for that is the ability to use data to reach your audience. With the same audience-targeting capabilities as any of our other programmatic offerings, we can focus ad spend on audiences that matter to your brand. In addition to this, we run this advertising programmatically, so just like display or video, it’s bought on an exchange, bidding in real time on individual impressions. This allows ad dollars to be spent efficiently. Lastly, because it’s bought programmatically, we aren’t tied to any contracts or forced to spend a minimum. We can treat this tactic just like any other tactic in the campaign, monitoring performance in real time and making optimizations as we see fit. So to summarize. When running programmatic audio, we treat it just like any other tactic – bidding efficiently, layering on audience data, and focusing on environmental and contextual placements that matter to your brand. Interested in seeing what our digital audio advertising services can do for your brand? We are.

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Who Can Handle Your Campaign Better Than an Office Filled With Rock Stars and Die Hard Music Fans?

To reach and positively influence music fans, you don’t necessarily need to think like a music fan, but hey, it doesn’t hurt. And you may as well err on the side of caution and work with a team that are as excited about music as we are programmatic. Swing by our office sometime, you’ll almost always hear us playing music over the speakers in our office. It’s a diverse group, and accordingly, the music choices are too. Some of us are better at choosing music for the masses than others, but we won’t name names. Let’s just say that we have a pretty devoted Carly Rae Jepsen fan club, for better or worse. We get a kick out of combining our personal understanding of how these streaming services work with cutting-edge tools and hard data to and reach audiences in measurable, meaningful ways.

Programmatic Audio Advertising Services

Our online audio advertising campaigns are implemented just like any other tactic in a programmatic portfolio. It’s a part of an overarching campaign; another format and environment in which to reach your ideal customer. And accordingly, we are able to tap into the same data that we use in other aspects of a campaign. The data we gather from other areas of the campaign help us build audiences, our robust attribution models provide performance signals, and efficient pricing allow us to use audio to reach ideal markets and scale.

With our digital audio advertising services your brand will be able to get your 15, 30, or 60 second audio ad in front of real people, just like a traditional radio spot. We work with familiar streaming services like Spotify, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, and Pandora to get your message in front of and in the ears of your target audience. All of our programmatic audio ad campaigns include:

    1. Media planning and Strategy Development
    2. Campaign Set-up and Tracking
    3. Continual Monitoring and Optimizations
    4. Custom In-Depth Dashboards and Reporting

Industries Our Agency Has Helped

Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism

Financial Services and Banking

Real Estate

Home Improvements

Restaurant and Food Service

Healthcare and Dentistry


B2B Services





Public Utilities


Software and IT Solutions

Ready to More Effectively Reach the Ears of Your Customers?

With our team, you’re getting a group of music enthusiasts who love what they do. We bring (along with our love for CRJ) expertise and a thorough understanding of how to use the right data to connect you with real people. Want to see how an online audio advertising campaign works for you? Let’s chat about it.

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