McClain Finlon’s Denver Advertising Agency Alumni Infographic

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Denver Advertising Agency

FiveFifty recently came to a realization – a number of prominent marketers and advertisers in Denver had, at one point in their careers, been employed by Cathey Finlon at the Denver advertising agency, McClain Finlon. A few hours of research later uncovered over 300 McClain Finlon alumni still present and working in Denver. The infographic below breaks down the Denver advertising agencies where these alumni can now be found, as well as their roles, seniority levels, and more.

While we find the data itself interesting, and the very act of researching it was ultimately rewarding for the inquisitive minds in our office, we’re left pondering the degree to which employment at McClain Finlon over its 26-year run impacted the future careers of all its employees. Clearly, a vast number of the agency’s past employees remained in creative, marketing and advertising fields, and many of them have moved on to hold roles with high levels of responsibility through Denver. Was there something in particular about the company culture at McClain Finlon that contributed to this phenomenon?

Since the agency has shut its doors, we can only speculate, but it’s likely that those who shared the experience at McClain Finlon could provide meaningful insights.  You’ll find them ideating in many of the Denver advertising agencies included in our recent list. If you’re a part of Denver’s marketing scene, chances are good that you know at least a handful of them!

If you worked at McClain Finlon at one point in your career, leave a comment below regarding your experience there!

P.S. If you haven’t had your fill of infographics on Denver’s advertising agencies (and how could you?), we’ve got another one right here: Denver Advertising and Marketing Companies Infographic.



  • Jeff Pugel says:

    Worked there at the very end. Great agency with a great culture and great colleagues. Wish that the ending was a bit better though. From my experience though, Cathey wanted the best and brightest to work at the agency so that probably reflects some of what the above captures.

  • Nancy Casey says:

    I’m lucky to be working with two others from McClain Finlon. Shelly Gonzales, gyro’s Operations Director, was also at McClain Finlon. And, Aaron Stern, ECD at gyro, started his career with McClain Finlon in the 90s.
    This is awesome!

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