Marketing Automation

Build client relationships with marketing automation to propel your business with quantifiable results.

Our marketing automation tools make the implementation of lead nurturing programs simple, regularly presenting relevant information to future customers. Move leads down your funnel by maintaining contact, educating them, discovering their intent, and escalating to close.

Increase Conversions

Create and test landing pages, email, and calls-to-action to optimize towards high conversions


Create and optimize each marketing automation campaign based on analytics results.

Better Insights

Identify website visitors and their individual behaviors.

Lead Scoring

Focus on high-value leads with automatic lead scoring within our easy-to-use CRM.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is not about simply setting up a landing page and starting to drive traffic to it. We carry out a fully integrated inbound marketing campaign to ensure all your traffic is captured, segmented for relevant offer targeting and finally made ready for sales through email marketing automation.

At FiveFifty, we start with a comprehensive design of your lead nurturing campaign, lay down the strategy and optimization, and analyze your content to ensure that your website visitors get the best experience and qualified leads are identified, captured, and segmented according to buying stage.

When generating leads, we do not leave any stone unturned. Our lead nurturing campaign is a whole process that addresses the product, customers and your business.

  • Identify buyer personas
  • Segment leads based on buying stage
  • Engage leads with content relevant to their buying stage
  • Move leads down the sales funnel until they are ready for sales
  • Compare the results from your leads campaign and refine them for optimal conversions

We need to recognize that each buyer has her own natural frequency for when she wants to act. Like pushing a swing, marketing can be a powerful effort to drive the system – the right message at the right time can really resonate with the buyer.

Jon Miller, Marketo