7 Tips to Designing Landing Pages that Convert

So, you are driving lots of traffic to you website but your conversions are still not where you want them to be? What could be the problem? Your landing page.  A landing page is the first page where visitors are directed before they can access particular content on your website. The page can make or break your conversions simply by its design and how it “speaks” to the prospects. Before you set up a landing page, you must know what makes your prospects tick.  Designing landing pages that convert isn’t too complicated.

We’ve outlined 7 tips that will help you when designing landing pages that convert.

Have a Unique Value Proposition in your headline

If you can’t captivate your audience with your headline, 60 percent of them will leave your landing page. What are you giving your audience to make them give you their contact information? You want undivided attention from your prospects to increase the sign-up rates. Your headline should indicate what the prospect will gain by signing up and should be consistent with the message of the creative that got them there.

Get your content right

The last thing you want to do is bore your prospect with bland content after working so hard to drive them to the landing page. Make it clear to your prospects what they should expect after signing up. The content should drive prospects to continue reading the rest of the copy or watch your landing page video.

State benefits of your offer

How will your offer benefit your prospects? Will it help them save time, improve productivity or catapult their sales figures? State the benefits of your offer clearly so that prospects are not left guessing what to expect.

You want to focus more on the benefits of your offer to prospects than the features. Successful salesmen understand that people buy “solutions” to their problems, not features.

Focus on your offer and stay relevant

Avoid distracting your prospects with multiple messages on your landing page or outbound links. You want them to have your undivided attention on your offer. If you have multiple offers, present them at different landing pages.

Use relevant videos and/or images

Use images or videos that are relevant to your offer. Use product endorsements and testimonials if you have them, but don’t take any liberties making false testimonials. This is against the FTC terms and can land you in big trouble.

Avoid being cheeky with your images. Putting up a couple of LOL Cats images in an offer that is totally unrelated dilutes your credibility. Use high quality images or videos but make sure they won’t decrease the load time on your landing page.

Offer something of fair value in exchange for contact information

The goal of driving prospects to a landing page is to get their contact information. However, prospects will rarely give you their details unless you offer something compelling in return.

Before prospects get the goodies that are behind the landing page, make sure they confirm their emails. This will give you a right to send them your messages and warm them up for buying.

Have a strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Be clear on what you want your audience to do when they arrive at your landing page. Do you want them to download an eBook, register for a webinar or read particular content? Use bold text to guide visitors on your CTA.

Avoid asking for too much information that will make prospects feel like you are trapping them to your offer.

Designing landing pages that convert using these steps will surely boost conversions.  Which other landing page design tips have you found to increase sign-up rates? Share your comments below.

Ryan Wilson
Founder & CEO
Ryan has his hands in a bit of everything, but he mostly focuses on client success and the technical aspects of advertising. Ryan likes 90’s hip hop, heli-skiing, and spending time with his family.