Long Tail Keywords – What are they good for and how can you use them?

Have you heard the phrase long tail and are still confused as to what that means?  Long tail is not just a marketing buzzword. You should have an understanding of long tail keywords your customers are likely to use and be tailoring an experience on your website for them.

Wikipedia defines the long tail as:

“The long tail is the large number of occurrences far from the “head” or central part of a distribution of popularities, probabilities or such. In statistics, a probability distribution is said to have a long tail if a larger share of population rests within its tail than would under a normal distribution. A long-tail distribution will arise with the inclusion of many values unusually far from the mean, which increase the magnitude of the skewness of the distribution.”

…got that?  I found this info graphic that does a good job of explaining it in a way that most people can understand.

long-tail keyword graphic

…so Bee’s are the short tail keyword and everything other phrase containing bees in the graphic are examples of long tail keywords.  Choosing these long tail keywords can not only help you because they are less competitive, but the traffic that you generate off those keywords is going to be much more qualified when it hits your site.  Take a look at your analytics and see where you measure up.  Are you generating highly specific long tail keyword traffic to landing pages specifically designed to address those keywords?

Ryan Wilson
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