The Importance of Cultural Fit

A lot goes into finding an agency you can trust with your business. But if you want our two cents? Of all the different considerations you need to mull over, cultural fit might just be the most important.

It’s easy to find the superficial hallmarks of a “company culture” these days. However, all of the free snacks, ping-pong, and kegerators in the world will always pale in comparison to what matters. That kind of stuff can’t guarantee that good-hearted laughter and easy conversation are a staple of high-performing meetings. Nifty workplace gimmicks aren’t enough to create an environment wherein the agency and the client can respectfully challenge each other to get the best outcomes.

But what if your company and your agency both fostered an environment wherein individuals could be more than just their job functions? One where team members raising kids could thrive as parents as much as marketers. What if everyone was invested in both transparency and in staying on the forefront of your industry? A culture where nobody ever gets complacent.

You would find that, when you’re on a team, pushing each other to achieve greater results feels totally natural and is, frankly, way more fun. There are a lot of agencies out there. Many of us have similar experiences. At the end of the day, a successful relationship between a client and an agency comes down to cultural fit. In order to understand FiveFifty’s culture, you need to know our core values.

Our first value is to be like the, “Rolling Stone,” which gathers no moss. We stay in motion to maintain a cutting-edge advantage. We love curiosity, learning, and data.  Employee development is a priority, and we sponsor ongoing education accordingly.

The second value is to, “Bring it 365” days per year. Without passion, the workplace culture wilts like an unwatered plant. We find that contentment is often the enemy of progress, so we never settle. You won’t catch us resting on our laurels. We are always learning.

Our third value is to, “Always Own It.” There is no substitute for commitment. Our team excels because we do what we say, we pay attention to details, and we own our projects from start to finish. The personal investments we make into clients’ well-being makes every win that much more rewarding.

The fourth value is to be, “Genuine.” Sardonic wit and irony may dominate the zeitgeist, but we come to work to build something together. We nurture trust through our sincerity. That trust underpins the cooperation and communication that fuel our successes.

These values make us the agency that we are. They’re truly our secret sauce. We hire to them, measure our professional development around them, and lead with them when it comes to serving others. So, if authenticity and accountability are not baked into the way you do business, we might not be the right fit for you. And that matters.

Our most successful partnerships are rooted in a strong cultural fit with the client. We always aspire to be more than just another vendor or consultant. We work best as an organic extension of your in-house team. For that to happen, our agency’s culture needs to align with your brand’s values. It keeps communication harmonious and enthusiasm high.

And when everyone is confidently on the same page in terms of goals and priorities, real conversation can happen. That leads to better results, but it requires empathy and trust. This is why FiveFifty partners most effectively with organizations that we know hold themselves to the same kinds of standards to which we hold ourselves accountable.