Our 3 Core Values: What They Mean To Us And Our Clients

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Our daily routine includes a lot of clicking, typing, and talking. Last week, we took a field trip to Ink Lounge to get our hands dirty. With the help of Stu and Nicky, FiveFifty’s core values were screen printed on to posters that now grace the walls of our office.

The Space

Ink Lounge, located on 29 Fox Street in the Baker neighborhood of Denver, is a creative studio with a screen printing operation and a retro lounge.  The following are some pictures of their amazing space.


The Process

Nicky taught us how the screen printing process works, walked us through every step, and then set us free to make our own posters. The experience was both educational and a lot of fun.

The artwork and message of these posters is important to us. They communicate FiveFifty’s core values to everyone who visits our office and serve as an internal compass, keeping us headed in the right direction. We’re enormously grateful to Kyle Read for coming up with the designs!

FiveFifty Core Values

Rolling Stone

We’re not talking about Mick Jagger and Keith Richards here. Rather, we’re referring to the saying, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” We work in an industry that is changing dramatically every single day. To thrive, we must have a thirst for learning and be in constant pursuit of greater knowledge.

Bring It Every Day

We are a service company and our level of effort is directly causal to how clients perceive our value. We can’t afford to have off days or waning levels of effort. Every one of us needs to bring our best every day and make sure that our clients know they are getting it. In addition, bringing it everyday is infectious. We all work better when we know that everyone cares and is doing their best.

Always Own It

In order to grow and scale, each of us needs to own our area of work. This means taking pride in our work, holding ourselves accountable, and being a good team member.

Here’s the final product:

photo 2 photo 1 DSC_7525

Free T-Shirts

Give us a shout if you’d like a free t-shirt. We had them printed locally at A Small Print Shop.

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  • Colin says:


    Was quickly searching for agencies in Denver and came across your site. Love the work you guys do, especially these rad screen prints.

    I’d love to rock one of the ‘Bring It 365’ shirts here in NYC.


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