5 Great Email Subject Lines That Convert

Email works. And it works extremely well when it is sent to a targeted audience. Despite the increase in spam over the last decade, email is still one of the most effective ways of selling and generating leads online.

A recent report indicated that email marketing converts better than both search and social media. If you had put email marketing on the back burner, you need to rethink your decision. Used together with other inbound marketing techniques, email marketing provides more qualified leads fast and on demand.

However, millions of emails are sent everyday and your prospects get a good chunk of those emails. More people are not reading emails that they do not deem relevant and if your emails are not read, you will miss opportunities to clinch sales from your prospects.

Your email headline can make or break the opportunity. Most people will not open an email simply because the headline did not captivate them. Newspapers and magazines know how to make people buy their publications by crafting compelling headlines. Online marketers should take a cue from these traditional publications.

Mastering the art of working email subjects can significantly improve your email open rates and action from your subscribers.

Here are 5 great email subject lines that are guaranteed to get your prospects curious and read your email.

Contrarian subjects

Contrarian subjects work great especially if your target market is the business community. Use of contrarian titles get your audience thinking and open your email to find out if they hit the nail on what you meant.

Example: Customers Are Wrong: Research Your Market Without Asking Your Customers

Things that don’t fit together

One of the greatest features of creative language is sarcasm. When used correctly, sarcasm can invoke emotions, tickle curiosity and make users take action. If you ever have to use sarcasm, make sure your email body content backs the headline.

Example: Get Everything Done Doing Nothing

Controversy subject

Controversy sells and this is why tabloids are not going out of business any time soon. It’s human nature to want to know controversies. Everyone wants to know a dirty little secret about something. Use the power of people’s lust for controversies when crafting your email subject line.

Example: Google Plus Sucks for Business, Here’s Why

Pure shock

Shock is one of the most intense emotions of humans. Shocking news sells and just like breaking news, should be timely. How many times have you stopped at a news site because you wanted to read some sort of shocking news?

Example: Grow Some Balls. Kick Your Competitor’s A**

Pop Culture References

What is happening in the pop world? Pop culture is mediocre to most people but we just can’t keep ourselves from checking a dumb thing that a celebrity has done. Like it or not, we follow pop culture either to satisfy our curiosity or admonish the dumbness of celebrities.

Example: Be Very Worried. Justin Bieber Is Taking Over Your Business

Email Subject Line Fundamentals

When writing your subject lines, make sure it follows 4 U’s approach of writing headlines. Your email should be:

  • Useful: Is the promise valuable to the reader?
  • Urgent: Does the reader feel the urge to read the email right now?
  • Unique: Is your messages compelling and remarkable?
  • Ultra-specific: Is the email clear on how the reader will benefit?

Prospects are not waiting for your email in their mailboxes. They are busy living their lives and if you are lucky, they can spend a few seconds scrolling your email. Write compelling email subjects that will make your audience want to open, read and take action now.

Ryan Wilson
Founder & CEO
Ryan has his hands in a bit of everything, but he mostly focuses on client success and the technical aspects of advertising. Ryan likes 90’s hip hop, heli-skiing, and spending time with his family.