Driven By Process

Are processes required to get things done at an agency? No. You can work with an agency that doesn’t have great processes in place and you may end up with a perfectly acceptable outcome. Heck, we didn’t always have a lot of processes in place. When we first started, we had fewer clients, projects and staff members. So, we could usually just wing it and get the desired outcome. As we grew, we learned that it was getting harder and harder to deliver consistently without processes to help us get there. We really care about client outcomes, so we built processes. These processes minimize risk for errors, help with communication, and help clients understand what to expect. At FiveFifty we live by these processes. Each was built internally, by us, with our clients’ specific needs in mind. Each step is implemented because it helps us accomplish the goals established by these partners. From onboarding, to launching, to optimizing and delivering results, our process helps us, and you, know what we’re doing on your behalf at all times.

Onboarding starts with a kick-off call to learn about your business, goals and target audience, followed by a clear road map of action steps. We’ll request a brief and share a template to make it easy to provide the important info.  The next step is internal brainstorming and planning to come up with the most efficient way to spend your dollars and achieve stellar results. We’ll share our recommendation and work together to fine-tune it before moving forward. Once a plan is approved, we move on to our next process.

We’ll agree on an invoicing schedule, handle all integrations and audience mappings, request first party data if needed, and provide creative specifications, messaging strategy, and timelines. We keep you posted every step of the way. After launch, our initial call is to share your own individual dashboard link and help you understand how to interpret campaign results and metrics, which are, updated daily. We’ll determine a reporting/meeting cadence so our team can continue to share performance insights and optimizations along the way. When a campaign wraps up, you’ll receive a detailed final report with insights and takeaways relating to tactics, audiences, geography, creative insights, and learnings that could impact the execution of future efforts.

We can’t forget about quality assurance, which is arguably the most important and practiced process of all. After a campaign is set up by one of our Media Traders, a separate Trader uses a checklist to confirm budgets, tactics, audiences, run dates, creative assignments, and conversion tracking are all set up correctly. We use a master creative spreadsheet, with tabs for each campaign, where we record all creative assets and information pertaining to them (the important stuff like messaging, landing page, flight dates, targeting, weighting etc.). A preview link is always provided for Facebook & Instagram ads so you can approve the finished product. A dedicated team member checks creative on a monthly basis and after large creative change-outs to ensure the right messaging is targeting the right audience at the right time. Finally, we monitor campaign pacing monthly and create individual optimization schedules so adjustments will be recommended and made throughout, resulting in optimal performance and results.

If you want to see how much an agency cares about delivering for you, ask them to see their processes. If they have internalized their learnings and are driven by process then you should expect to have consistent results from your work with them.