Business Intelligence, Marketing, and Website Analytics Services

Turning Complex Data Into Useable Insights

The advent of the digital age also meant the start of the collection of massive amounts of data. There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day (wow that’s a lot of zeros). That number is expected to continue to drastically increase with 90 percent of the data in the world being generated in the last two years.

In a single minute alone



Videos are Viewed on YouTube



Searches Happen on Google



Snaps are Created



People Log Onto Facebook



 Spent Online

Each of these interactions are creating massive amounts of complex data sets for business and marketers to use and that doesn’t even include the interactions that are happening on your website. 

FiveFifty’s business intelligence and web analytics services aim to make sense of these complex data sets. We compile the data that matters the most to your brand into custom dashboards and reports that will provide you with the insights you need to reach and positively influence real people. Interested in seeing what insights marketing analytics services can glean from your businesses data? We are. 

FiveFifty Connects Data to Real People

At FiveFifty, connecting you with real people is at the heart of what we do. And it takes a team of real people to find them. We’re specialists, aficionados, hobbyists, experts, dabblers, and fans. We understand that people are more than a set of data points. Real people are just like us (which makes sense, because we are real people), and those real people have complexities that hard data only scratches the surface of. That’s where we come in. We are able to use our own personal and professional experiences combined with industry-leading tools to give you analytical insights with measurable differences for your marketing campaigns.

Our marketing analytics company harnesses the power of data and provides best in class data analytics and business intelligence. This includes on-demand dashboards, data visualizations, reporting, and insights from real people. AI and algorithms go a long way, but ultimately it is the humans that provide the competitive edge.

Our Business Intelligence and Marketing Data Services

Analytics is embedded in our culture. Our data analytics and business intelligence solutions unify vast amounts of data into useful formats that we can display on-demand to derive meaningful insights from. Our team knows which KPIs are helpful and which aren’t. Our web analytics services will help you to design, implement, and measure the right key performance indicators for your business. Our specialists then take the time to help your business decision makers and marketing executives understand your data and make the right decisions for their brands.

Website Analytics and Tracking

Our website analytics services will help you to set-up and track what people are doing on your site. For most businesses, that usually involves Google Analytics. As part of our Google Analytics management services we can help you

  • Set-up and place your tracking code
  • Set-up goal tracking
  • Set-up e-commerce tracking
  • Create useful custom filters
  • Evaluate your traffic sources and conversion paths

Website Event Tracking

With Google Tag Manager and custom tracking pixels, our team of web analytics consultants will help you to understand what actions people are taking while on your site such as

  • Clicking on buttons and links
  • Filling out forms
  • Watching a video
  • Abandoning their shopping cart
  • Call Conversions

Digital Ad Tracking and Management

Here, our marketing analytics company will help you to figure out which ads are performing and which ones might not be so you can capitalize on your successes and efficiently cut your losses.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Quite simply, maximize your sales and leads. Our marketing analytics services will help you discover opportunities for where you can better optimize your landing pages and website pages for increased conversions.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

We will use our tracking pixels and onboarding technology to create targeting lists, which can be implemented as part of your digital marketing strategy across platforms. We’ll work with you to inventory your first party data and import it into a Data Management Platform (DMP) built custom for your campaign.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

FiveFifty’s real-time dashboards and reporting provide insights and recommendations alongside useful tables, charts, and graphs. Our marketing data services will help inform faster strategic and tactical decisions that lead to higher performing campaigns.

See How Our Agency Has Connected Businesses to Real People with Measurable Results

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The Bottom Line

Big data is revolutionizing the advertising industry. These days, it isn’t about how much data you have access to, but how you use that data. There’s a myriad of metrics available and with that come a lot of nuances. The multitude of formats and data platforms these data sets are housed on do very little to help brands and agencies. This data needs to be assembled and unified, so that it all speaks the same language. To excel, you need experts to choose the right metrics for key performance indicators (KPIs), and they should know how to assess performance across the nuanced scenarios that arise in today’s media world. Analytics create a transparent environment, and used the right way, analytics provide the information that leads to higher performing and more efficient campaigns.

Ready to Launch a More Successful Marketing Campaign?

FiveFifty has been helping businesses transform data into actionable insights that inform strategic and tactical decisions for a decade now. Our sweet spot is being able to connect various data points to real people to form more meaningful connections that lead to better marketing campaigns. No campaign is too big or too small to be performance driven. Interested in what your data is saying? Let’s chat.