A Culture of Analytics

The digital era is officially here, and it brought a serious abundance of data with it. It’s all anyone is talking about anymore: data, data, data. Peter Drucker once famously said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Naturally, we concur. However, more data doesn’t automatically mean better outcomes. It’s never just about having the data, it’s about how you use it. The FiveFifty team makes sense of vast amounts of data which leads to better performance for our clients’ campaigns. For us, data is the means, not the end.

These days, most agencies appreciate the value of some kind of measurement. They might report lift or cost per thousand. Or maybe they’ll track gross ratings points or reach…or click-through-rate, or cost-per-click, or…you get the point, right? How do any of these measurement methodologies align with your goals as a brand? That is the real question, because if you build your campaign around the wrong methodology, then you eventually end up making “improvements” that don’t reflect what is actually important to you.

That wouldn’t serve you, so it doesn’t serve us. FiveFifty works closely with our clients to first understand what their actual goals are for the campaign at hand. We then implement a tracking methodology to record progress against those goals and measure campaign performance. All of our campaigns target defined conversion, but the vast majority of them go after “hard” conversions like cost-per-sale, cost-per-acquisition, return-on-investment, or return-on-ad spend. As a consequence, our approach to analytics typically involves deep integration into the business’ online commerce.

FiveFifty is home to a culture of data-driven decision-making and transparency, which manifests beyond our campaigns. We genuinely want to know how we are performing, objectively. We want to spend as much of our time working to create as much positive impact for you as possible. We are constantly fueling the feedback loop of new information prompting new optimizations. But our work doesn’t just stop at understanding how our specific campaign is doing.

We want our clients to be empowered by the data, too. So, FiveFifty builds dashboards to meet each client’s particular needs. We unify data from disparate systems in custom set-ups that provide transparent reporting on campaign results in real-time. Visualizations and sortable features make it easy to monitor your campaign and tease out learnings that help you continuously improve performance.

Massive amounts of data should be an invigorating asset, not an exhaustive burden. We carefully structure your campaign information so that it can live up to its potential. By presenting important performance data in our dashboards, FiveFifty makes analysis and optimization an especially collaborative process. And the dashboard is just a launchpad for future strategy sessions. We also offer key insights in reporting and client calls to ensure our clients understand how their campaigns are performing and the next steps they should consider.

Bringing the measurement framework to life in such an intuitive way makes it possible for our clients to quickly and easily understand how a campaign is performing. That level of transparency is absolutely integral to productive conversations. It means we get to spend more of our collective time having meaningful discussions about how to improve. At its best, this kind of business intelligence can be invaluable, transforming points of data into actionable insights that should shape your tactical decisions.