University Master’s Program

Informational Keywords Are a Fantastic Way to Connect With New Students


A State University’s School of Pharmacy Master’s Program


The university was looking to increase the awareness of this master’s program for healthcare and medical professionals looking to advance their career. For this Master’s Program, FiveFifty’s SEO team recognized the opportunity to connect with new students through informational keyword searches.Over the course of the campaign we were able to dramatically improve the client’s keyword rankings on Google and organic traffic.


March 2020-September 2021

SEO Goals

The university was concerned about not having a large organic presence on search engines for their master’s program, which had its own “.org” mini site. To measure the success of the campaign we wanted to:

1. Increase the Website’s Keyword Visibility on Google

2. Increase the Website’s Year-Over-Year Organic Traffic



Over the course of the campaign, our SEO analysts executed on a comprehensive SEO campaign. This included:

  • Completed extensive keyword research around this type of master’s program and what healthcare and medical professionals were searching for as they were seeking for information on how to advance their career on search engines like Google
  • Worked with the client to fully optimized the Master’s program “about” page with content that better aligned with Google’s algorithms, matched user intent, and optimized with conversion rate optimization best practice.
  • Created informational keyword rich blogs around topics healthcare professionals were searching for in relation to career advancement and higher education
  • Cleaned up technical issues and improved their Core Web Vitals scores




New Keywords

183 New Keywords on Google


1st Page Keywords

36 New Keywords on the First Page of Google


Percent Increase

677.88% Increase in Organic Traffic Compared to the Start of the Campaign