New England Ski Resort

Expanding Content Has a Dramatic Effect


Ski resort offering 167.4 acres of the best terrain in New England


For this New England Ski Resort, FiveFifty’s SEO team recognized the need to better align what people were searching for online with their unique attractions and services. In a little over six months, we were able to dramatically improve the client’s keyword rankings on Google, year-over-year organic traffic, and e-commerce revenue. What made this growth especially valuable was that it occurred during the 2020/2021 ski season when resorts were forced to reduce their capacities due to the coronavirus pandemic.


August 2020 – March 2021

SEO Goals

The resort was concerned about not having a large organic presence on search engines during a time when a significant portion of sales was forced to go online. To measure the success of the campaign we wanted to:

  1. Increase the Website’s Keyword Visibility on Google for Specific Keywords in Each of Their Target Markets
  2. Increase the Website’s Year-Over-Year Organic Traffic


Over the course of the campaign, our SEO analysts executed on a comprehensive SEO campaign. This included:

  • Completed extensive keyword research and creating localized content strategies to target regional guests. We then worked with the client to expand their existing content and create new pages that better aligned with Google’s algorithms, matched user intent, and optimized with conversion rate optimization best practices
  • Optimizing their Google My Business Profile
  • Creating local citations (local directory profiles)
  • Cleaning up technical issues and improving their Core Web Vitals scores




New Keywords

31 New Local Keywords on the First Page of Google


Percent Increase

79.29% Increase in Year-Over-Year Organic Traffic


Percent Increase

318.2% Increase in Year-Over-Year eCommerce Revenue