Outdoor Advertising

Localized Pages Designed to Connect with Individual Markets


For this outdoor advertising company, FiveFifty’s SEO team recognized that the website did not fully layout all their products and services. We worked with the client  to create pages with content that better aligned with Google’s algorithms and best practices, matched user intent, and inspired meaningful actions and engagements to create new client leads and incremental business growth. After one year, we were able to drastically improve the client’s keyword rankings on Google in their local area and significantly improve their year-over-year organic traffic growth. What made this growth especially valuable was that it was able to occur even during the global coronavirus pandemic and shutdown.


A regional outdoor advertising company offer with a variety of OOH inventory spread throughout the Seattle and Portland metro markets.


March 2020 – March 2021

SEO Goals

The company was concerned about not having a large organic presence on search engines. They wanted to increase the number of potential clients who reach their website when using search engines to find relevant out of home advertising inventory in order to build their sales in their local markets. To measure the success of the campaign we wanted to:

  1. Increase the Website’s Keyword Visibility on Google for Specific Keywords in Each of Their Target Markets
  2. Increase the Website’s Year-Over-Year Organic Traffic


For this SEO campaign, FiveFifty’s SEO team focused on updating client’s website with new, strategically keyword-targeted local pages. We completed SEO keyword research and created localized strategies for creating new content that combined what people were searching for and what made this company unique. Our SEO analysts then worked with the client to create new pages for each of their local markets that expanded the information on their inventory in that target area utilizing current local SEO best practices and conversion rate optimization best practices.




A 20.25% Increase in Keyword Visibility in Seattle


New Keywords

38 New Local Keyword Rankings on the First Page of Google in Seattle



A 12.81% Increase in Keyword Visibility in Portland


New Keywords

14 New Local Keyword Rankings on the First Page of Google in Portland


Percent Increase

21.45% Increase in Year-Over-Year Organic Traffic