Brand Launch

A Powered Rebrand


A familiar B2B company in the electric power industry with a long-standing history looking to launch a new brand identity.


A corporate acquisition required a familiar company to re-brand and launch their new brand to existing customers, employees and partner relationships as well as prospective customers in their industry. The challenge was to efficiently create awareness among these niche audiences, build a social following and drive quality visits to the website.


FiveFifty applied customer, employee, geo-location, and 3rd party data in programmatic and social spaces, reaching niche audiences in a direct and memorable way. In an effort to drive social engagement, ads were targeted to specific audiences across four social platforms, delivering the largest audience reach across devices with the ability to quickly refresh messages.


Combined audiences viewed 9M ad impressions to augment awareness of the brand relaunch.  Of those that clicked on an ad, 80% engaged on the brand’s website. Engagement rates on the social platforms exceeded industry averages with rates above 9%.



9 million targeted impressions to niche audiences in just 3 months



 80% of site visitors driven by the campaign spent more than 15 seconds on the landing page



9.08% Engagement Rate across LinkedIn , Facebook, Instagram and Twitter