A Passion for Performance

Our Passion For Performance Is In Everything We Do

Marketing is more than just campaigns for us.  We take great responsibility with the investments our clients make when they trust us to advance their causes, grow their businesses and push the ball forward on their behalf.

Who we are:

With a decade of experience in media buying and campaign optimization, FiveFifty delivers cutting edge programmatic audience buying at scale across digital and traditional media. We increase return on ad spend through web, mobile, video, search, broadcast, out-of-home, and social channels. Online, we leverage targeting options and brand protection technology to engage specific audiences while keeping your brand safe. Our reporting makes sense of complex data and provides you with transparency. Data powers optimization. Optimization ensures your media dollars achieve more.

This is the kind of work we are doing:

Traditional Display


Pre-Roll Video




Search Engine Marketing


Out-of-Home Advertising


Social Marketing


Mobile Click-to-Call


Lead Generation


Television & Radio


Landing Page Design


Web Development


Our Name

FiveFifty’s name was inspired by a road trip through the Western Slope of Colorado.  Route 550, just outside of Telluride and Ouray, is also known as the “Million Dollar Highway”.  It was originally constructed by entrepreneurs in the late 1800s as a toll road which linked commerce between the lucrative mining districts around Red Mountain and the rest of the nation. In those districts during a 70-year period miners excavated gold valued at more than $12 billion today, but they had a hard time monetizing it because of the transportation difficulty.

FiveFifty solved that problem providing safe reliable passage through challenging and potentially hazardous terrain. Even today, drivers face steep cliffs, narrow lanes and few guard rails.  The ascent over Red Mountain has numerous switchbacks and narrow hairpin turns. The road is open year-round, with winter bringing as much as four feet of snow in a single day. Snowfall, combined with dizzying drop offs, creates extreme avalanche risk.

In the spirit of the entrepreneurs who supported commerce by creating a road through difficult terrain, FiveFifty helps companies achieve their goals online. We believe that all businesses can use the Internet to successfully scale using ROI-driven campaigns and data driven analytics.

Our Core Values

Bring It Every Day

We constantly strive to achieve outstanding results for every campaign. Our passion and drive fuel our determined approach to analysis and ongoing optimization.

Always Own It

Campaign results are our responsibility. We work with every client as an invaluable partner on the front end to ensure we’re set up for success, then put in the legwork to achieve it. Excuses aren’t an acceptable part of our lexicon.

Rolling Stone

To reach our goals, we don’t take the easy route and rely on what has traditionally worked in the past. Growth through experimentation and ongoing education is a requirement for every member of our team.


In every aspect of our business, we strive to be transparent and honest. We believe that the same values of respect and integrity that make FiveFifty a great place to work simultaneously contribute to our company’s success.

FiveFifty's level of commitment to the success of their clients is a rarity in today's performance marketing climate. FiveFifty dives deeply into analytics and homes in on the smallest trends, capitalizing on what's working and eliminating what's not. They fully understand that no campaign is 'set it and forget it', and continue to perform the ongoing optimizations that are necessary for sustained profitability. Their combination of expertise and work ethic make them a highly valued partner.

Scott Mitchell, Home Depot

FiveFifty are leaps and bounds ahead of their peers in understanding a client's objectives and delivering results. Their technological expertise, data driven solutions, and incredible customer support delivers an incredible return on investment.

Tim Taylor, America Succeeds

Sample Campaign:


Percent Reduction in Cost Per Click
Percent Increase in Click Through Rate
Percent Increase in Conversion Rate

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